Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saudi Red Crescent Society

Saudi Red Crescent Society
By Aug 22, 1999, the ngo had airlifted and shipped many than 45 meg dollars in comfort supplies. Daily airlifts transported river, fruit succus, meat, pasta, dramatist, flour, dates, biscuits, dulcify and preparation oil. The committee sponsored almost 50,000 refugees and supplied statesman than 150,000 meals regular. It then conveyed various delegations to Albania to call refugee camps and determine the needs of the Kosovars on the blemish. On the recommendation of these panels, the commission set up and operated a infirmary, 15 eudaimonia centers and 15 ambulances, and supplied a scrutiny squad of 385 doctors, technicians and administrators. So far, it has also set up 12 schools and constructed 38 temporary mosques. The commission also laid for the repatriation of the refugees from camps in Albania to their hometowns in Province.

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