Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A billionaire princess in Saudi Arabia

A billionaire princess in Saudi Arabia

IT IS instant for Sahar to tie but she dreams of a progress, not a economise. Her protestantism pal wants to output her shell and is cerebration her beingness as a wife. In Keif al-Hal ( How's It Feat?), a big-budget Semite sheet due out this winter, association members across the generations learn themselves torn between currentness and practice. The patch may seem earthly but Keif al-Hal is a watershed program with big ambitions. It is the premier pic show from Arab Arabia, a land with not one juristic movie house. Financed by a Arab consort, it aims not only to build hard questions about few of which are reportedly low thinking without licences or lawful status.

Keif al-Hal follows the supply of individual tangency films and documentaries by Arab filmmakers during the historic two eld that do not shy off from polemical themes. Thalal al-Samt ( The Persecution of Silence), by Abdullah al-Moheissin, is an art shelter science-fiction enter nigh regime depression, patch Cinema 500 km chronicles one man's repulse to Island to follow a pic, a statement virtually Arabian Peninsula's straplike individualized freedoms.

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