Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saudi Arabia Most Expensive Celeb Wedding Rings

Saudi Arabia Most Expensive Celeb Wedding Rings

The personage ritual is the Super Aquarium of circumstance mentation. Since budgets are typically a non-issue, superstar ceremonial are beyond generous. But it's the make enjoyed by celebrities that really differentiates their receptions from those of symmetric the real wealthy. Renowned designers personally superintend made-to-order gowns; celebrity chefs are wrangled to grip catering; and plane venues typically off-limits or prohibitively pricy to the unspecific public are mediocre business for the famous.

In Forbes' first-ever look for the 20 most overpriced renown weddings, we surveyed A-list nuptials during the past 20 years. (Our estimates are not adjusted for inflation.) We factored in estimates for all the star components of a wedding and reception--the locale, flowers, catering, diversion and formalwear. (Honeymoons were not included.) Forbes exclusive wise weddings where aggregation was useable.

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