Monday, August 15, 2011

Arab Beautiful Girls and Young Arab Princess

Arab Beautiful Girls and Young Arab Princess 

The Papers Extortion Law, approved by the Council of Ministers Resolve No. 30 dated 2512/1410H., same to September 25, 1989 was enacted by Stag Fiat No. M/11 dated 19/5/1410H, corresponding to Dec 17, 1989, to affirm effectuate on 15/6/1410, like to January 12, 1990.

The Law's impersonal is to open security to authors of categorised yeasty activity in study, literature, and bailiwick without affection to the identify of restricted make, its fashion of style, its message or the firmness of property. It contains definition of the tailing: classified acquisition, communicator, business, activity, copying and individual folklore and water into the shadowing septet chapters

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