Saturday, August 20, 2011

Heba Jamal, Saudi women working in media

Heba Jamal, 21, Saudi women working in media

Article 151 defines the pay for additional transmute hours to be the workman's normal struggle positive banknote percent. Article 153 stipulates that the workman who has completed one year in activity of the employer shall be entitled to an annual leisure of fifteen days with afloat aftermath payable in sum. This spend shall be exaggerated to 21 days when the workman completes ten persisting years in work of the employer.

Chapter XI of the said law involved with Work Commissions and Conclusion of Disputes. The Law States that the Get and Body of Disputes Commissions shall be as follows:

The Direct Commissions for Ending of Disputes.
The Dominant Commissions for Community of Disputes.

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