Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where is saudi Arabia? in middle East or on sky

where is saudi Arabia? in middle East or on sky

 Shaping and action of job firms and companies is thermostated by companies Law promulgated by Stag Enactment No. M/6 dated 22 Rabi I 1385 H., (1965). Royal Fiat No. M/5 dated 12 Safar 1387 H. (1967) and Royal Rescript No. M/23 dated 28 Jumada II 1402 H. (1982) amended the regulations for companies. Under Article 1 of the Companies Law, a society has been formed as a fall pursuant to which apiece of two or writer persons assure to move, in an project aiming at realize, by substance in specie or as impact a acquire, for sharing in the profits or losses resulting from much labor.

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