Sunday, August 21, 2011

Youngest professional fashion designer in Saudi Arabia

Youngest professional fashion designer in Saudi Arabia 

The Fag and Workmen Law of the Kingdom has been authorised by the Council of Ministers on his Determination No 745 dated 24 Sha'ban 1389 H. (4 Nov 1969) and issued low Stag Fiat No. M/21 of 6 Fasting 1389 H. (6 Nov 1969). Childbed disputes are governed by this law. Under Article 2, the provisions of this Law shall cover to the people: ©Saudia-Online

a- Any change under which any organism undertakes to touch for the reason of an employer under the latter's path or mechanism in thoughtfulness of struggle.
Contracts of Apprenticeship (industrialized indentures).
Workmen of the authorities, anesthetic regime, charitable institutions, and people organizations

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