Monday, September 26, 2011

Iraq Most Beautiful young women and Princess of Iraq

Iraq Most Beautiful young women and Princess of Iraq

The wife of billionaire Arabian Consort Alwaleed bin Talal denied Weekday claims her spouse raped a model on a vessel in Espana in 2008, expression she was with him in Writer when the alleged crime took approximate. "I was with my mate surface of Spain the day these allegations took area in Ibiza," Amira al-Taweel was quoted as language by the prince's supervisor of body, Kholud al-Dussari.

"Quite but we were not there. We were unitedly in the Land port of Metropolis. I was with him all the reading, and we were with at smallest 30 people," she said."Hundreds of witnesses can substantiate that we were in Cannes, virtuous as there are oodles of proofs that we were not in Ibiza in 2008." A Romance entourage has reopened a examine into the allegations, according to a judgment seen by AFP on Wed. Consort Alwaleed is a nephew of Vocaliser Abdullah and one of experience's richest men. He is beingness asked to act to a complaint of sexy attack against him in Honorable 2008 by a help who was 20 at the reading.

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