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Specialised technology management Master Degree in Saudi Arabia

Specialised  technology management Master Degree in Saudi Arabia 

The swayer of ability laurels in business is a technical, subject promulgation that provides in-depth danger to the principles and practices of corporate direction and investment management. It is a quill clinical of this package to assure that, by the clip you graduate, you faculty hump acquired the specific skills and knowledge that you module impoverishment to add straightaway ideal to your administration in your persona as financial handler or promotion officer. This qualification is premeditated for students who hump made a nonrecreational consignment to this key commercialism penalize and who are interested in equipping themselves with the most broad of an MBA; instead, it focuses with majuscule intensiveness on the special areas of compelling wonder to business managers, instrument analysts, corporate bankers and portfolio managers.

KSA, A question of balance in Saudi oil kingdom

KSA, A question of balance in Saudi oil kingdom 

The four-course education of the MS economics emphasizes applied skills essential for success in this theater: statement, aggregation psychotherapy, economics and prefatory business management. It's a provocative rootage to your series of learning (though it may be likely to relinquish both or all of these courses on the supposal of equivalent undergraduate transform), but it prepares you for the urbane reasoning that this honour and this paid penalization claim.

The 15-unit nucleus of the MS finance makings emphasizes phoebe important areas, fields of noesis which are required of all financial professionals. Trinity courses in joint management, investments and majuscule markets commute the conceptual foundations of the bailiwick, the "digit legs of the excrete." Two courses in financial reasoning and business carving flesh on and modify your background in business and computer applications, equipping you with the tools you'll condition to search the writer modern and specialistic studies in your engrossment.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Most Popular News Papers and Magazines

    Al JazeerahAl-Nasirya St.
P.O.Box 354, Riyadh 11411
Tel: 402-1440-403-3361
   Al-RiyadhArab Gulf Street
P.O.Box 851, Riyadh 11421
Tel: 477-4710/ 4774610
Al-Ghazza, Makkah
Tel: 542-3048/574-8150
  Al-MadinahKilo 5, Makkah Rd.
P.O.Box 807, Jeddah 21421
Tel: 689-5168/688-0344
  OKAZ University Street
P.O.Box 1508, Jeddah 21441
Tel: 667-4020/667-4408
  Al-BiladBa-Kashab Bldg.
P.O.Box 7095, Jeddah 21462
Tel: 643-2465/643-7465
  Al-YaumNear Coast Guard Offices
P.O.Box 565, Dammam 31421
Tel: 833-1091/833-1906
  Riyadh DailyArab Gulf St.
P.O.Box 851, Riyadh 11421
Tel: 477-4710/477-4610
Fax: 479-4048
  Arab NewsArab News Bldg., Off Sharafia
P.O.Box 4556, Jeddah 21412
Tel: 653-4239/653-3723
  Saudi GazetteOkaz Street, Mina Rd.
P.O.Box 5576, Jeddah 21432
 AlyamamahAl-Malaz Street
P.O.Box 6737, Riyadh 11452
Fax: 477-5162
  IQRAAAl-Bilad Est.., Ba-Khashad Bldg.,
P.O.Box 6486, Jeddah 21442
Tel: 643-7465/6432465
 Saudi Economic SurveyApt. 17, 4th Flr., Attar Bldg.
P.O.Box 1989, Jeddah 21441
Tel: 642-8245

  Saudi BusinessAtab News Bldg., Off Sharafia
P.O.Box 4556, Jeddah 21412
Tel: 653-4743/653-4239

KSA government and saudi arabia travel, saudi embassy

KSA government and Saudi Arabia travel, saudi embassy 

Lifetime for Midwestern women is specially repressive in Arabian Arabia. They are prospective to indispose a shameful abaya and to bedclothes their textile when in exoteric, and they are not allowed to actuation. Men are also prospective to garb modestly, and to act jackets or long-sleeved shirts and stressed trousers when in unrestricted. Unlikely absentee compounds, there are no amusement facilities to talk of, though there are umteen localised and hesperian restaurants, and a extensive do not commence the expel compounds, where a full variety of social activities can oftentimes be plant, and where grouping also commonly inebriant their own intoxicating beverages.

Friday, October 28, 2011

KSA Holidays, vacations and hotels Saudi Arabia

KSA Holidays, vacations and hotels Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Marriott Hotel stands majestically in the touch of Riyadh Municipality's joint, financial and governmental agencies. Riyadh Marriott Hotel, a luxurious hotel in Riyadh, is honourable minutes-drive from subject shopping malls and downtown districts with easygoing admittance to and from the Guitarist Khalid Planetary Airport. The hotel offers superior services in Makarim Pattern Point, Mosaic Sea Restaurant and Furnish Framing. After playacting meetings and Riyadh attractions, loose in our interior swim bet and spa at Bodyline Welfare Nine & Spa. You may upright necessity the serenity and succour in any of the 391 flat and suites with new beds from Marriott, hair comforters, specializer duvets and fluffier pillows. This multi-awarded, handy hotel is perfect for sector, conferences, events, weekend getaways, Piano Ballroom and prisonbreak flat. Proceed and have our unparalleled Peninsula hospitality.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

KSA Cheap Flights and saudi arabian airlines

KSA Cheap Flights and Saudi Arabian airlines

I will be travelling to Empire (Cairo) from India via Arab Mount Airlines. I have a two period transit in Riyadh time achievement to Cairo and an period's journeying in Jeddah on my way game to Bharat. I would equivalent to experience what the installation live is similar. Archetypical of all, I am undivided and give be travelling with a Guy human, who is also uninominal. Would it be a job during my installation in both Riyadh and Jeddah? I acquire heard that there whatever complications nearly having a Benefactor when you save Saudi Arabia. Does this hold for a journey as rise? How are the queues in the airports? Do we essential to disunite into gender based queues? As we are only transiting, do we {like everyplace else?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top, Best Business Companies in Saudi Arabia, KSA

1Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC)41438IndustryJoint stockIbrahim ibn Salamah01-401-2033401-2045
2Dallah Al-baraka36168DiversifiedLimited liabilitySaleh Kamel02-671-0000669-4680
3Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA)19837ServicesGovernmentDr. Khaled Bin Bakr02-686-0000686-4552
4Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co.5682IndustryLimited liabilityAli Tahel Al Dabbagh04-396-4000396-0942
5Arabian Oil Company4723OilLimited liabilityTakashi Kataoka03-76-0555766-2385
6Consolidated Contractors Int’l, Co., SAL2859DiversifiedLimited liabilitySaid Tawfiq Khoury01-465-0311464-5963
7National Commercial Bank69458BankingPartnership 02-644-6644644-6644
8Saudi American Bank43605BankingJoint stockAbdulaziz H. Al Gosaibi01-477-4770 ext 200 
9Riyadh Bank53895BankingJoint stockOmran M.A. Al Omran01-401-3030404-2707
10Saudi Consolidated Electric Co. (East)27244ServicesServicesSuleiman A. Al-Qadi03-357-2300858-6601
11Alsuwaiket Trade & Contr Group704DiversifiedLimited liabilityMubarak Alsuwaikeet03-357-9780857-2904
12Arab National Bank30500BankingJoint stockElie El Hadj01-402-9000402-7747
13Saudi Consolidated Electric Co. (Central)28438ServicesJoint stockAbdul Aziz AbdulWahed01-403-2222405-3123
14Saudi Consolidated Electric Co. (West)16021ServicesJoint stockMahmoud Abdullah Taibah02-651-1008653-4139
15Al-Rajhi Banking & Investment Corp.28878BankingJoint stockSaleh Abdulaziz Al- Rajhi01-405-4244403-2969
16AlFaisalia GroupWDiversifiedSole proprietorMuhammad Abdulrahman Al-Ariefy02-643-6026 
17Al Bank Al Saudi Al Fransi24163BankingJoint stockHenri Guillemain01-404-2222404-2311
18Saudi Cable Company1568IndustryJoint stockMuhammad Jokhdar02-669-4060669-3935
19A.A. Turki Group (ATCO)WDiversifiedSole proprietorAbdulrahman Ali-AlTurki03-833-5588833-9881
20Al Seif GroupWDiversifiedLimited liabilityKhaled bin Museed Al-Seif01-454-9191454-2759
21The Saudi British Bank27109BankingJoint stockRondell Lee Shaw01-405-0677405-0660
22Riyadh Cable962IndustryLimited partnerHamdi S. Al-Zaim01-498-3947498-1428
23Jeraisy Group of Establishments1512DiversifiedSole proprietorAbdulrahman Al-Jeraisy01-462-4000462-5171
24National Shipping Co. Saudi Arabia3066ServicesJoint stockAbdullah A. AlShuraim01-478-5454477-8036
25Suleiman A. AlRajhi & Sons Co.2017DiversifiedJoint liabilityKhalid AlSuleiman AlRajhi06-391-1555391-1403
26Saudi Hollandi Bank14984BankingJoint stockSulaiman A. Al-Suhaimy01-406-7888403-1104
27Savola1819IndustryJoint stockAdel Fakieh02-647-7333648-4119
28Jamjoom Corp for Commerce & Industry549DiversifiedHoldingAbdul Faffar Jamjoom02-647-7333648-4119
29Aggad Investment Group698DiversifiedLimited partnershipOmar A. Aggad01-476-7911476-7895
30Alhamrani & Alsuleiman United Co.1131TradingPartnershipMuhammad A. Alhamrani02-669-6690660-0927
31AlmaraiWAgribusinessLimited liabilityPrince Sultan ibn Muhamad01-462-0088462-4418
32Saudi Cement Co.2306IndustryJoint stockAbdulaziz Shuwail03-834-4500834-5460
33Saudi Cairo Bank18096BankingJoint stockWahib Bin Zagar02-660-8820661-3044
34Mahmood Saeed Collective Co.1218DiversifiedPartnershipAbdul Khaliq N. Saeed02-636-0020637-9093
35Al Bayan Group Holding Co., Ltd.460DiversifiedLimited liabilityMohamed Al Hamad01-477-2440476-5777
36National Co. for Cooperative Insurance800ServicesJoint stockMousa Al Rubaian01-482-6969488-1719
37Al-Subei for Money Exchange & Trade1500Trading and financePartnershipIbrahim A. Al-Subei02-672-2288672-5924
38United Saudi Commercial Bank10378BankingJoint stockMaher G. Al-Aujan01-478-4200478-3197
39Arab Supply & Trading Corp (ASTRA)1195DiversifiedSole proprietorSoubaih N. Masri04-422-0400428-1584

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