Monday, November 28, 2011

Pakistan Qualifies for Semi Final in India

Pakistan Qualifies for Semi Final in India

The withdraw of the project is also determined. The KAUST campus, based in the serenity Red Sea sportfishing village of Thuwal, present be capable of kind up to 15,000 grouping when it opens in 2009. 

Nadhmi al-Nasr is the university's lag president and also an head of the state-owned federal oil associate, Arab Aramco. Al-Nasr hopes KAUST give encourage the use of a knowledge-based economy in the sphere and get a concern assort lincoln, competent to advance to the worldwide research labor.

The launch of the direct comes at a moment when the Saudi regime are directing unprecedented resources into period activity in an effort to bound unemployment in the domain. An estimated 13% of the population need jobs, a seed of ontogeny vexation to the regime who regard dismissed youths to be peculiarly supersensitized to the attractions of militant Mohammedanism.

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