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SEO and Most relevant keywords in Saudi Arabia

A typical website usually consists of one or more WebPages. Every Webpage consist of details pertaining to that particular product. Such pages are often specific to that product and the content in the page cannot be optimized for keywords. To make it more attractive to your SEO and customers, make sure you have a ‘Resources’ section which is mainly about the products and services you are selling and have this section content optimized i.e., the keywords can be from this section.
Here are some ideas to generate rich content for your online store:

1. Looking beyond the product pages

Customer reviews / Testimonials – Amazon would be a perfect example, they allow their customers to write a review about the products they purchased. You may allow your customers to do the same and link this page to the home page as well as to your products page, doing so not only helps you to increase your natural ranking but also help your customers make purchase decisions.
Case studies – This is very important if you are selling a service, talk to your customers and find out how you have made a positive difference for them, document this and publish the same with their permission.
Blog – Search Engines love blogs, Think about starting a blog offering your customers tips, tricks and useful advices on the related industry. Your customers will be thankful to you as well as the Search Engines.

2. Differentiate your inner pages

One of the common challenges many online retailers face is that many of their product pages are similar to each other just because they sell the same kinds of product. This is very true if they are selling generic products such as electronics where the product description is often provided by the manufactures and all the online retailers having the same item will have the same descriptions provided by the manufactures. The main problem with this approach is the risk of being penalized by Google and other search engines for duplication.

Spend some time especially on the valuable items, creating your own product specifications and descriptions on the benefits, rephrase the jargon and enhance the product appeal by mentioning how it can benefit the customer. Doing so will not only help you rank better but also will help you differentiate your product from your online competitors.

3. Optimize your PDF product catalogues

You can SEO your PDF product catalogues too. You might have clicked on a link in Google where a PDF file opened in your desktop.
           Some tips on optimizing your PDF product catalogues:

Make sure you support the images with relevant text. Many Search Engines can read text in PDF format and treat them similar to a regular Html page.
Pay attention to the title of the PDF and include your keywords in page titles, anchor texts and so on.
Minimize the size of your PDF document as small as possible without compromising the quality. Small and lighter fonts and optimal image resolutions will optimize the overall PDF document. This will not only help in rankings (search engines love fast loading objects, be it files, PDF, html) but also reduces the possibility of user abandoning the file download which often happens if the file size is too big and especially when the user is using a slow bandwidth internet connection for downloading.

5. Optimize your product images

Remember to include alt text and captions for all the images in your website. This will help in better Search Engine readability. Doing this correctly and consistently, there is a better chance that your product images will show up in image searches of search engines thus creating a new source of traffic for your website.

6. The importance of your product pages

Your WebPages in your site can in many ways play a vital role in increasing your profitability than your e-commerce home page when optimized correctly.  Continue reading to find out how this can be done.

Products such as electronics usually have a well defined product number and users often use this unique number to search for the product online. By optimizing your product page for the model number along with the other generic information about the product will result in the likelihood of a sale.

Assign appropriate page titles and meta information.
Include the model name and name with the H1 and alt text
Include the product name and if possible, model no within the URL:
An example of a good link
A bad link will probably look like this

7. Expand your sales channel

Your e-commerce website is one of the many online outlets that sell products online. Google Product Search, Live Product Search, MSN Shopping are some of the search Engine product catalogues where you could upload your products for free. This is usually done by submitting a feed or manually entering one item at a time or sometimes by uploading a CSV file.
Uploading your inventory on a third party site will not only result in increased sales by having a good traffic but it also increases the chance of cross selling as users who arrive at your site for one product may end up purchasing another one if they spot a bargain.

8. Deploy Social media

The concept of Social media plays an important role in getting customers to your website. Facebook and Twitter bookmarking widgets in your webpage will enable the customers to like a particular product which they purchased from you. Add this and Add to any are two such bookmarking widgets.

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