Monday, February 20, 2012

Offshore outsourcing & freelancing websites in Saudi Arabia

Offshore outsourcing & freelancing websites in Saudi Arabia 
Now a day’s internet, in terms of its user, is growing exponentially. The exponential growth of internet has opened doors of internet jobs. There was always a far difference in wage rate in different countries or geographic locations. For example, there is far difference between Australia and Bangladesh in terms of wage rate. So, people are used to migrate to another location where they can get more wages than that of existing location they reside. In recent days, people need not to shift his geographical location to enjoy the high wage rate of other countries or regions. A lot of jobs could be found through internet and completed professionally.
Internet jobs have also opened the offshore outsourcing and freelancing. Companies or individuals can get their job done though internet by hiring people from the online freelancing marketplace. A number of popular offshore outsourcing & freelancing websites can be found on the internet. These websites are connecting the employers and freelancer with each other. Among such freelancing websites, oDesk is securing honorable position to its clients. As per information from oDesk website, In January, 2012, they had over 2.3 million hours of work done by their freelancers and over USD 24 million has been paid to freelancers. In same month, more than 0.13 million jobs have been posted at oDesk. These figures really represent the potentials of internet jobs.

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