Saturday, April 14, 2012

All kinds of marketing and I.T jobs in Saudi Arabia

All kinds of marketing and I.T jobs in Saudi Arabia 

All kinds of marketing and I.T professions and jobs are available across Saudi Arabia. These are considered to be in demand jobs around the world.  These particular jobs are compared to banking and finance professions. Unfortunately, marketing has something to do with acconting, banking and finance jobs. Marketing is considered to be the most integral part of a company or a bank for the functions of their organization as it compromises both direct and indirect ways to have a big profit. Here are the jobs offered by marketing firms and companies in Saudi Arabia:

  • Marketing Head
  • Brand manager 
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing executive
  • Category manager
  • Sales and account manager
  • Marketing specialist and consultant
  • Advertising and marketing executive
  • Consulting officer
  • Visual Merchandising Manager
  • Business Strategy Manager
  • And many more. 

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