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Birth place of the religion Islam, Saudi Arabia

Birth place of the religion Islam, Saudi Arabia 
Saudi Arabia is the birth place of the religion Islam where we find many Muslims coming every year and the Muslims are found to b following the religion very wisely and strictly. There are set rules and regulations that very Muslim has to follow, likewise they have to pray five times a day. Even the exact time of prayers is mentioned in the newspapers of Saudi Arabia, every day. Friday is considered as the Holy day for Muslims and, in respect to that, all activities are halted in reverence of the day. Not only this, many companies are also closed on Thursday, celebrating their weekends on Thursday and Friday. In the month of Ramadan, all Muslims have to fast from the early morning to dusk, however, the working hours are only six in the month of Ramadan. Fasting means no eating, drinking, smoking and gum chewing. Outsiders, i.e. the expatriates are not bounded to fast, but even then, they are not allowed to drink, eat, smoking and gum chewing in public. Many families and friends gather at a place to celebrate the Iftar timings. In Ramadan things happen slowly, the business schedules are also shrunk, and even the shops get closed at unusual timings.

As far as language is concerned, Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia. However, English is spoken on a large scale. English is used in business and, it is also taught as a compulsory second language in all Saudi Arabian schools. Arabic is the language of the Qur'an, and of Arab poetry and literature and spoken by almost 200 million peoples in 22 countries or more. The family institution of the Arabs is very strong, as they believe in living together. Saudis are well informed about their clan, family, extended family and even the nuclear family and the heritage as well. They take the responsibility of the family very seriously, and keep the family and the extended family very tied and closed. An individual takes care of all the basic needs of the family. When it comes to providing employment, it is the trend that Arabs give favors to their relatives because the trust factor.

Saudis are a great example for anyone to maintain great customs with anyone they meet in business, family or friends. In Arab culture, men shake hands and closer friends greet each other by kissing on checks, while women, in general, hug and kiss their close friends. Men and women cannot greet each other, publicly or outside the family. When Saudis greet each other, they take some time and produce healthy conversation about general things.  If you are invited to a Saudi’s house, it is their ritual to go with small gift as a matter of showing gratitude. Gifts differ in terms of men and women, as flowers do not make good gifts from men but they are good from women. Alcohol is never given as a gift.

Saudis carry great ethics of dinning, as well. For instance, Saudis prefer to build relationships with those who are not known to them in restaurants, hotels, etc. Later on, they invite people at home. The socializing process is between the same genders, but if both sexes are included than it will be in separate rooms. When reaching at Saudis house, one must first remove their shoes, and be on times, as punctuality is preferred by them. It is highly appreciated if their guest greets the elders first, and dresses in a very conservative style. 
If one is invited at a Saudi’s house, they should know that before the meal there will be some conversation and socialization. The meal is served on the floor, and everyone is supposed to eat only with the right hand and taste everything that is served on the table. 

In terms of dressing, Saudis mostly wear long thobes. Western attire is not appreciated among Saudi men. Visitors must be well dressed if they want to create good impression, especially in terms of business. Women have to cover themselves in any meeting and outside the house. Saudis are a great example of the Islam religion and the great follower of the last prophet.

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