Thursday, April 12, 2012

Credit Cards and Online Shopping in the Arab States

Credit Cards and Online Shopping in the Arab States 
In the modern world, almost everyone uses the internet in a way that affects their finances and economy. However, still there are individuals who are reluctant to use the internet when they require something that cannot be obtained at the local shops. On the contrary, there are those who stopped shopping from the local stores and resorted to shopping everything from the internet including bread and butter.
Online shopping has its own merits and demerits. The main reasons, that make some people,  not to be quick to shop on the internet is because they are afraid of fraud or scams, involving both the product and the credit card. The other reason that scares them is even if the provider is a genuine company; the product he is selling is not present and tangible for comparison, examination, etc. Buyers that hesitate to shop online also hesitate when it comes to phone purchases or catalog purchases.
Shopping online has some benefits. First, when doing online shopping using credit cards, it is easier to make a comparison of product specifications and prices. This is because the amount of information available is more than the information the salesmen and vendors will over you when you visit the store.
Second, there are reduced costs on the part of the buyer because you no longer need to travel to the store and spend lots of money and time. Online shopping is also beneficial to the merchant whose expenses are reduced with regard to electricity, rent, personnel, etc. The reduction in costs is normally indicated on the prices of the products, and it is normally around 20% lower on online stores compared to the local stores.
Conversely, there are some demerits associated with online shopping. The firs demerit has to do with the delivery cost aspect. When shopping from the local store, you only need to enter the store, choose the product, pay for the same and take your product home. However, the transport costs are cut if you can walk towards it or you do not require any travelling to the place. For the case, of furniture or other house appliances, you may pay for the delivery or the store may offer to cater for it. However, either case, you will pay for the costs as it will be summed together with the price.
When it comes to online stores, the shortcoming is that the delivery costs are already included unless the online store has a place for collecting the goods. Besides, these companies often hire third parties to transport the products hence raising costs. Although, e-stores offer reduced prices, you need to consider the cost of delivery when comparing. The possibilities of getting a higher price are still there. In addition, some credit cards offer insurance to ensure safety of the product during transportation, irrespective of your residence.
The greatest shortcoming related to online shopping is identity theft and fraud. Although most credit card companies have undertaken several security measures to avert these occurrences, the risk is far from over. Therefore, online shoppers should only use their credit cards from sites that they trust.

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