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Saudi Arabian culture, Customs and ethics

Saudi Arabian culture, Customs and ethics 
The Saudi Arabian culture is rich in heritage and have been one of the richest sources of oil to the whole world.  The king is the ruler of the state and it is noted that the men have a bigger part to issues more than the women. They on the whole love their country and will do anything that the king wishes.

They are great and staunch followers of Islam and they perform their religious duties. The women are not allowed to go to a mosque and pray, but the men go to the mosque everyday. The women wear lovely clothes and footwear and are mostly dressed in a fashionable manner.

When they go out they are supposed to wear an abaya which covers their whole body legs and hands.  They have a special scarf to cover their hair just leaving their eyes open. This is done so that they do not attract the men in any way.  They also wear lovely jewelry and cosmetics. They also believe that the weather in the desert is very hot and crude, so the religion scientifically says that it is better for the women to be covered.

In the culture of the Saudis marriage which is a great occasion and is a very different one. Here the bridegroom has to propose to the bride’s family and has to give her a dowry of gold, property and money.  Since the religion allows a man to marry up to four times he has to secure the life of each bride he intends to marry. This is the custom, but due to economic pressures the men do not marry more than once and only consider the next if the situation arises.

Ramadan and Bakrid are the two important festivals of the Islamists. During Ramadan where thirty days of fasting is observed. They are allowed to eat and drink before the sun rises and after the sun sets. All offices will observe this as well.  During the fasting time they will read their holy book which is the Quran and special prayers called Namaz is done.  Namaz is also done five times a day during normal times.  Charity is done in abundance.  Once the evening comes they have parties in each one’s house to break their fast called Rosa.

On the great day of Ramadan lots of food is cooked and distributed and friends and family will visit and exchange wishes and gifts.  Oh they enjoy themselves and celebrate their festival with love!

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