Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Competitive job market in Dubai

Competitive job market in Dubai
However, it is vital to understand the elements involved with the job market in Dubai. Employers in Dubai hire internally, which means job seekers should not expect an international HR. Dubai employers still practice the traditional means of hiring their employees. It is all about connections and building networks with the employers. Despite this, job seekers must have an aptitude for the job they want. Because of the high level of competition, job seekers must possess resumes that are up to date.

It will also help to know that Dubai is an expensive city to live in, if one is not working. Visas can also be hard to get. It is better if job seekers contact the companies they want to work with directly. It is also helpful if one builds a reputation internationally. For a long-term employment opportunity, a job seeker needs to widen their scope or opening positions. It is benefiting to note that, the income in Dubai is tax fee, and even the lowest wages are comfortable to sustain families.

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