Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arab culture and traditions

There are 25 countries and vast territories in the Arab world, and it is one of the highly restricted areas for the outsiders. Therefore the reality of the Arab world is still uncompleted mystery to others in the world. There are several leading countries of the world such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait; Syria etc. those countries are gifted with a very rich traditions and cultures. The pillar of the Arabic culture is the religion, so the most part of the culture and the tradition are the results of the constant practice of the religion, The Islam. So the religion and the Arab culture and tradition have a strong relationship.  There are another 2 religions the Arabian world they are Judaism and the Christianity, so as a result of those religions and faiths there is a rich culture in those countries.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Some cultural fact about the Arabian society

The basic and the most important thing in the Arabian society is the family. According to the religion, everything depends on the quality of the family. The Arabian males do their best to keep the family on the right tracks. There is a wrong notion, that the women are deprived in the Arab society. The reality is not that, they offered the fullest contribution to their society with the males. As the religion takes the first place in the Arabian society, the culture and the tradition totally depend on the religion. The food that they consume is considered as the Halaal food, which means, the food, which is prepared according to the codes of the religion. They eat only the flesh of the following animals chicken, goat and cows in the form of chicken, mutton, beef and those also should be slaughtered in the perfect manner.
The Islam is considered as one of the toughest religion in the world. They are in the belief that there is not a god but Allah is the messenger of the god. They have created very attractive mosques to observe their religion and they take extra care to separate the genders even in the process of religious practices. The practice of the religion is a must for the males and they should reach the nearest mosque for that purpose.  Sometimes the women are provided with a separate place for their prayers. They have stronger rules and regulations regarding the marriages, In this culture arranged marriages are welcome and there should be the consent of the both sides of the marriage.  The freedom is there in the religion. The marriage is considered as a duty of the god and divorce and such kind of things are totally restricted, so the Arabian woman can enjoy a long lasting wedded life.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The distribution of laptop education in the Arab countries

The modern trends of the primary education have benefitted only to the students in the urban areas and the suburban areas of the Arab countries, the primary level students, who are in the less benefited areas are not able to enjoy these facilities yet. Sometimes it may take decades to reach the technology to those students of the rural Arab world.
The western countries have become one of the traditional fears of those in the Arab countries, so they try to enhance their skills and talents in order to face the challenges in the future. The advanced education that is given to the students will be a very beneficial in the long run. The introduction of the laptops to the primary education system has changed the system of education a lot towards the positive side.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Some social practices of the Arabian people

Some social practices of the Arabian people
Most of them consume a lot of meat in their diet and they eat some fruits such as grapes., dates and oranges, which are in abundance in the oasis and the mountainous areas of the Arab world.They have several festivals such as Eid UL-Fitr, Eid UL-Adha and Lailat al Miraj and they are related to the religion. So the Islam plays a big role in the culture and the traditions. They have abstract decorations and floral designs, which are unique to this culture. Their architectural skills can be seen variety of religious structures in the Arab world. They do not paint or create human faces or creatures, as it is prohibited by the religion. The music is also dedicated to the god, the north Indian classical music and the Arabian tunes have originated from the same sources. The music is played and enjoyed mostly in the religious or other common practices.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dubai online and communication requirements

Even the web pages are toughly censored by the authority. There is not any chance to enjoy some social media networks, as they are blocked by the same party due to the religious and cultural needs of the society. The social media has been blocked and it is not easy to find any uncensored part.
As there are many companies in the city, it is easy for a customer to fulfill all his online and communication requirements. There are a considerable number of programmers, and they supply heater service, in order to improve the business and also to help the clients in related requirements. The city provides lots of advantages and benefits, but there is a problem. The internet charges in the DIC are higher than the other places in the Europe or USA. The .5 mbit connection fro the homes will cost around $45 per month. The city provides a minimum package of 2 bits for $ 180 per month. The charges may be higher for the packages of beyond 6GB. Not only the internet charge, but also telephone related costs are also high in Dubai

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The situation in the rural areas of the Middle East

The situation in the rural areas of certain Arab countries differs from the trend in the urban areas, but it only can not affect the total problem. Gradually those areas are also reaping the benefits of the development m and sometimes they prefer to work in suburban and urban areas, as a result of that they also tend to get the help of the birth control procedures.
 As the situation is same in the most of the developed countries of the region, so they want to increase the fertility rate.  The story is somewhat different in the low income countries. They have poor literacy as well as economical stand, as a result of that they are still under the iron shoes of the religion. In such areas people are not interested in population control. e some people even think that it is a sin or a crime against the god.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Arab's primary education laptop program

There are four levels of education can be found in the education system of the kingdom. The basic level is the pre-school level and there are another 3 levels.   In the initial stage, it should be paid the most attention in any kind of education system. The ministry of education has done a great deal of changes and reforms in the system of primary education in the Saudi Arabia.  Not like in other countries in the region the girls as well as the boys have been given equal opportunities in the process of both primary and secondary education.
 The ministry of education has introduced the application of infromatu9in technology at the basic level of the education system of the Saudi schools. Many students of the state owned schools provide the modern aspects of teaching and learning facilities for the primary level students in the kingdom. Though the Islam is the core of the culture and the tradition of the country, the government has decided to introduce computer education to the schools.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Discrimination of the women’s rights in Saudi Arabian society

The Saudi society is a male oriented society, so the women have to face a lot of discrimination in the society. The life of a woman has to be controlled by a male guardian according to the customs as well as the set rules and regulations of the country. When we compare the freedom and equality of the women with in the other parts of the women, the Saudi woman as to be upgraded a lot. The basic human rights such as travel, education, marriage and the legal rights also not provided equally fro the females in the society. They are considered as weak and powerless form of life in the customs as well as the rules .Which are formed by the state, according to the dominant religious influence.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some of the social cultural issues for women in Saudi Arabia

·         It is a must to have a male guardian for each and every woman who is lining in the country.
·         Those Saudi women are not allowed to cast their vote.
·         The women are not allowed to drive or ride.
·         They have to wear a special dress in order to cover their entire body. The others can see only hands and the eyes.
·         Single Saudi females are not allowed to associate with males in the society.
·         The Saudi women are provided with education, but that is only for the purpose of keeping the house in the best manner. Sometimes they are allowed to work, but they should give priority to their respective house.
·         The Saudi women can work only with the permission of their guardians. And they should be fetched to the respective place of work by their guardians
·         They are not allowed to take higher positions in the country. They are reserved for the males.
·         The girls and boys are taught separately in different schools.
·         There are not female teachers for the boy students.
·         The Saudi women have a limited facility in the transport systems.
·         Saudi Arabian women have limited access to public transport like buses and trains.
·         There are no restrictions on age for Saudi girls in marriages. They can marry even they are 9 years old. But they cannot have sexual intercourse until the attainment of the puberty.
·         After the legal separation the Saudi women have to hand over their children, when they are above 7 years old. The children must be handed to the males.

The Iranian expiring in the population control

 The Iranian government is one of the countries in the world, which thoroughly oppose the concepts of the western countries, but it has adopted its own policy to control the population in the country with the blessings of their spiritual leader. The Iranian health ministry was put forward a birth control policy in order to face the expected population explosion in the future. According to that policy only 2 children were able to have for the couples and it was a policy which has empowered about 2 decades.   The government has employed various types of birth controlling techniques and they also started state owned factory to manufacture condoms. The result was successful, but the authority has understood that they have become one of the nations, which has faced its extinction.
 The government completely stopped the program fearing the great risk of loosing human force in the future. As they are in need many people to face the possible threat of the western countries the government completely gave up the project.
Although the government wants to stop the decreasing rate of population growth, many critics say that it is not going to work. The modern Iranian society has become a competitive place with many women working outside and most of the families have to face economic issues. So the young people do not think about having many babies, as the government is expecting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Culture & Traditions Impact Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a place, where the gender discrimination can be seen in the prominent manner, though it is one of the developed and western influenced countries. The plight of the women is hidden from the society, and the sound of the women has been hidden since ancient times. The culture and the traditions of the country have been affecting the women since a long time. The same region has become the anchor of the society and it has enforced several restrictions fro women. Those restrictions have made the lives of the women rather difficult.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saudi Arabia Business visa and Saudi Chamber of Commerce

People driving between Jordan and either Kuwait or Yemen , transit visas for three days available to them as well. And all those who are driving between Jordan and Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) and are usually granted visas for a period of seven days. If they can prove that there was no other way to get to your destination only then be issued transit visas . To get a transit visa one must visit the embassy with a car and one passage in the book and DVD to prove that he had a visa for the country he plans to visit .
Visa for visiting one must have a Saudi sponsor ( company or individual ) who on behalf of the department it applies to Saudi Arabia for Trade and Industry for approval , if granted , will be sent a letter inviting him ( or direct to the embassy ) . Then you have to apply through your application in your country of nationality or permanent residence for Visa with the help of such a call sent from Saudi Arabia . This depends on the Saudi Embassy who you are making your application (always call the embassy to check ) , the most common will require a letter from the company determines the nature of your business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a message of support from the local Chamber of Commerce . Armed with these papers , and usually granted a visa without difficulty by the embassy , and sometimes even on the same day (if you visit in person ), but often within a week to 10 days if another application before.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Concept of modern education in the kingdom

The traditional ideas of the Arab society have been fading gradually, and the golden rays of the development of the information technology are covering the Arabian society slowly but in a steady face. The educated parents are trying to provide a better education for their sons and daughters. The introduction if the laptop in the primary and the secondary level of the schools has become one of the greatest steps of the reforms of the education system in the most parts of the Arab world.
The standardization and quality of the education is far behind, when compared with the same level students in the western society. But it is a very good trend, when we pay our concern about the restrictions and taboos of the Arab countries. The students' attitudes have been changed to a great extent, as the computer based education has become popular among the students.  The students are taking part in various activities, that can be obtained online and the assignments, which are proposed by their teachers.

Quality of Family Planning Programs in Middle East

Though some people say that the Arab governments do not concern about the growth of the population, it is not the reality. Many Arabian governments have employed several types of population planning project in their respective countries. The project is carried out in the restricted manner and the details were not exposed to the outside, especially in the western countries.
The governments such as Iranian, Syrian and some other prominent countries have put forward several proposals to control the population and most of them were fruitful. The educated and employed Arab people, who lived in the towns and the other developed areas, were able to follow the suit, but it was not so successful in the most part of the rural area of the Arab countries. The religious led society is not easy to be turned towards the control of the population in those areas.

How to get Visa to Visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most difficult places in the world to visit. Anyone can visit Saudi Arabia but Jews are not granted visas to the Kingdom. The Saudi authorities have started tentatively to issue tourist visas, but only for those willing to travel as part of a group (minimum four people) organized by a recognized tour company (including dive companies) for the last six years. You can find the list of approved international and local Saudi tour companies who can arrange the visas online, issued under the sponsorship of Saudi (under its ‘Discover Saudi Arabia’ program). To issue a tourist visa it takes 14 days from the date of request. Also note that the validity of your passports must be for a minimum of six months, and women must be accompanied by their husband or brother (who must also arrive and leave Saudi Arabia at the same time) if they are under 30 years old. Men and women are only allowed to travel together (and granted a visa to do so) if they are (a) married (with an official marriage license) or (b) form part of a group. An unmarried couple is not permitted to travel alone together in Saudi Arabia (and doing so runs the risk of apprehension). Regarding the tourist visa, two couples can only travel together if they have come as ‘individuals in a group’. Any local tour company who has an excellent reputation locally is Sadd Al-Samallaghi Est based in Jeddah can offer you advice and guide you. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saudi Arabia school academic program

Few years ago massive scholarship programs have been offered to more than ten thousand Saudi students to study primarily in the United States and Canada. To monitor the potentials of Saudi Students a Part of the kingdom’s educational system is being integrated for the adoption of the English proficiency test. Now the country's academic policy seeks to establish two areas of concern: to upgrade the quality of education and to improve the academic system. This is done by starting to educate the Saudi children before the age of six, and that they continuously receive quality schooling until they reach the secondary and then the tertiary level. Maintaining and protecting the Islamic values the government emphasizes much premium on its academic system which should be part of the school academic program. Now by updating the educational program and school offerings, connecting the purpose of the educational system to the demands of the country, forming and building up an academic infrastructure that would support information technology and communication system that are instrumental to the ends of education, and fortifying the values of integrity and accountability the country has upgraded and enhanced its academic program.

English Education in Saudi Arabia

Education was largely limited to instruction for a select few in Islamic schools when, Saudi Arabia formally became a nation in 1932. Today, public education from primary education through college is open to every Saudi citizen.
Language is the most influential and successful tool of communication. Men cannot communicate with each other without speaking words. It has a great impact on man's cognitive development. Without any language, men will be unable to integrate and associate the things they see in words, and that they will be unable to describe their feelings and define, construct and translate their thoughts to a communicative form. Every nation has their own language to communicate with each other and so Saudi Arabia has their own language also. Their national language is Arabic. The Saudis express themselves and communicate with each other using Arabic.
The economy and workforce of a country largely depends upon its education. To resolve the increasing demands of its labor market due to immense industrialization the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established its first Ministry of Education about three or four decades ago. The Saudi government with its over 20 million population, sought to replace its foreign workers by improving its own workforce. However a large discrepancy was found between the needs of its stable economy and the country's educational system. In order to meet the need its evolving economy the Saudi government also felt the need to integrate the English language into the school curriculum. The arrival of the Information Technology era galvanized the influence and effects of globalization which, even more triggered the mode. As a result, many international schools have been granted permission to operate in year 2006. Accordingly to improve the quality of its workforce the kingdom had adopted two ways. One is by improving its academic system at home by integrating English Education system into the school curriculum and the other is by sending thousands of scholars abroad.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Arab Culture and perception of sexuality

Many leaders have also taken up this subject and politicized it so that they can attract attention of the people. This topic has been used by repressive leaders as away to reject western influence terming it as against their religion. However, those Arab countries with a large percentage of non Muslims such as Syria and Turkey have seen considerable improvement in their perception of sexuality. The subject of Arab Culture and Concept of Sexuality is not something that many people would like to talk about especially women. Women believe that they have limited rights as compared to their male counterparts. For instance divorce and inheritance law that is applied by many Arab countries favors men and therefore they are marginalized. Also during a wedding a woman is expected to be pure while the males are not subjected to any tests to see whether they are virgins. This is why many people would rather not talk about this subject as long as it touches part of religion as well as the Arabic culture.

Arab Culture and Concept of Sexuality

There are a lot of controversies that have been seen regarding concept of sexuality not only in the Arab culture but in other parts of the world. Arab Culture and Concept of Sexuality has seen dramatic changes over time and with more people opening up on this topic then the trend is not going to change sooner. Many Arab countries are ruled on a religion based law known as Sharia law and therefore sexuality is a critical topic in an Islamic religion. The Islamic religion does not recognize homosexuality and this is one of the reasons there has been slow acceptance to any form of gay or lesbians relationship.
Although it is now inescapable the fact still remain that those who are practicing this kind of sexuality and relationship risk of being discriminated as well as oppressed by both the authorities as well as the society. It is clear that being a lesbian or a gay in an Arab country is a dangerous affair as witnessed in Egypt where there was a crackdown of all homosexual in Cairo. Although there has been a rising number of LGBT movements that are advocating for the right of homosexuals and bisexual there is still a long way for this battle to be won in Arab countries.
People from other parts of the world are the ones who are largely affected by Sharia law since most of them are not used to. They have to adhere to strict Islamic law that is used in Arab countries and therefore making life difficult to those who may have homosexual sexuality. Although there are scholars of the holly book of Quran who have changed their ideology there is still a stiff resistance on many to accept homosexuality. It is believed that sexuality was not originally based on hetero and homo binary, but something which has been shaped in the recent times to fit each side of the argument.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it Most Modern Cities

Saudi Arabia is one country which has a wealth of history that any one can be interested to learn. Despite the richness that the oil producing country has there are many beautiful cities that carry their own stories since the ancient times and this is where Islamic religion has its base. With this kind of wealth there has been an economic revolution which has hit many cities of the kingdom and transforming them to modern architecture to respond to the high demand of housing and premises for business.
There are many visitors who come to this kingdom especially in Mecca and Medina city for religious purposes and this has come with its fair share of growth. These two cities have experienced growth in the last twenty years and the kind of architecture has also been influenced by the foreign designs. The new architecture has been employed over the traditional one since it is able to accommodate the changing needs of people of this region. In another city of Riyadh there has been an increasing population and new types of businesses such as supermarkets have been established to serve the people of this city.
This has made the city to transform drastically as old buildings are replaced with modern buildings that can accommodate more people as well as more businesses. With a high number of foreign workers in the region some of the Arabic designs are being overtaken by modern styles that are easier to build and can accommodate many people. Riyadh however has still an old town where architecture has not yet undergone remodeling. The city has changed so much that it is now the shadow of Dubai in this oil producing country.
Multinational companies are also settling in the countries and this is sheen in Jeddah city the second largest city after Mecca in the kingdom. The city host foreigner from almost every part of the world and therefore it is impossible for people of this city to still keep their cultural designs while many people are foreigners.  However in this city you will still find certain streets that have maintained their architecture and many tourists flock to this city so that they can see the cultural activities in the city. Traditional market can be found in this city and also this is another reason why many tourists come in large number to stay in Jeddah.
Al Dammam is another modern city that you will find in Saudi Arabia. Being a coastal city this city also receives its fare share of visitors from within as well as from other parts of the world. This is also where you will find hand work craft that helps to learn the heritage of the Arabic culture. With this kind of modernization it is estimated that this country will even see more cities leaving behind their culture to take up the modern design so that they can meet the demand for people shelter as well as for business being conducted there.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Public Health Services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Public Health Services are heavily secures by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Basic Law states that the State shall guarantee every rights of its citizens in case of diseases, disability and old age. Medical care is consistently available free of charge for every Saudi citizens, particularly in urban centers. Women's access to health care is still restricted. They are prohibited to undergo a surgical procedure without the approval of a mahram. Saudi Arabia considered abortion as illegal in most instances, except under special medical condition. Unmarried, pregnant women are at risk of prosecution or loss of employment particularly the non-Saudis.

Saudi women represent the classic symbol of every Muslim women. Every women in Saudi is required to wear the full black abaya which is completely enveloped in black attire. This is in accordance with the ideology that a woman's body is sexually provocative, and should not be viewed by men. The reputation of a Saudi family is absolutely related to a woman's chastity known as ird. In this culture, every family members bear the consequences of dishonorable behavior derived from each member. It is a woman's obligation to protect the honor of her family.

Saudi culture believes that the fundamental building block of society relies in every Muslim family. In general, society and media are prohibited to discuss the reality of domestic violence, and no laws in Saudi Arabia protects women against domestic violence or marital rape.

Saudi nationals or non-nationals have no right to participate in a political activity. Saudi Arabia's conservative religious scholars forbid women to participate in the judiciary despite the availability of trained women lawyers.
The life of a woman in Saudi Arabia comprises with socializing within the family, neighborhood, and being active member in a charitable organization. Saudi women strongly influence the social development being as university professors, doctors, journalists, and even a religious scholars who write about women's issues. 

Women's economic opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Recently, Saudi Arabia provide a particular progress in women's education and employment. But as a Saudi national, she has no access from benefits of the state. When a Saudi woman marries a non-Saudis, their children cannot receive Saudi nationality. But a man who marries a non-Saudi, can apply Saudi nationality for his wife and children. Saudi women cannot act as lawyers, and a woman who seeks access to the court must have a male lawyer or a male relative to represent her. In case of divorce or child custody, her husband will represent her who is also an adversary to her. Women are discourage to access the court at any levels. A woman is not considered a full person. The testimony of one man is equivalent to two women. 

There is no existing laws in Saudi Arabia which protect women from domestic violence or marital rape. A woman's testimony against her husband of sexual abuse or rape, find herself accused of illicit sex. A woman victim must produce the evidence of four witnesses. In recent years, Saudi government have provided increase women's economic opportunities. The Saudi families creatively advocated the establishment of women only shopping malls, private businesses, and several ministries allocated women only offices. The Saudi government is actively pursuing women's participation in the work force. There are Saudi women health care professionals working on a mixed gender environment in government hospitals. All levels of education in Saudi Arabia is free. Nearly 32,000 students in higher education is 56 percent women. But they are not admitted to study engineering.

Dubai Internet City and international companies of Information Communication Technology

Dubai has created an infrastructure, environment, and attitude which significantly support the business development of Information Communication Technology companies. In a short period of time, all the international community of Information Communication Technology companies with more than 650 licensed companies have established in Dubai.

The international companies of Information Communication Technology like Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Canon, Sony Erricson, and Cisco comprise a range of more than 12,000 professionally skilled workers  of different nationalities. They provide services like software development, Business services, education and technology platform which is beneficial to business companies in achieving an effective business process, outsourcing services like call centre operation

The Dubai Internet City which had been launched in 2000, has a total development area of 2.25 million sq. ft. It has a very strategic networking base which provides a valuable element of business environment for every Information Communication Technology companies.
The Information Communication Technology companies offer an excellent quality in business networking interaction and a great advantage in enhancing problem solving and knowledge sharing by the business community.

Dubai Internet City has been designed, and developed providing a great performance communication platform in data networking. It has the leading industry ax structure connectivity solution for cable infrastructure, developed for the modern  era gigabit applications, a software solution providing the most comprehensive structure connectivity solution on every core of the business market. It is offering itself to be the central IT  and telecommunication companies in the Middle East. It has a free zone supported by the Government of Dubai, and have acquired a specific laws which empowered the companies for innovations.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Restriction regarding sex and sexuality in Saudi Arabia

There are lots of restriction regarding sex and sexuality in Islam. A woman is covered from head to toe just to hide her ‘awra,’ which is the ‘shame’ of her. Islam gives sex and sexual “purity” an extraordinary importance with inherent contradictions/conflicts so much so that we may safely say that Islam is over-obsessed, oversensitive and over-apprehensive about sex.  
In Islam, keeping the virginity is the highest asset that a woman could possess. There is no crime/sin as dreadful as that of losing the virginity before a woman is married. The thought of indulging in pre-marital sex by an adult woman is absolutely unimaginable in Islam. Premarital sex is a grave crime that may engage severe punishment for the offender. The Islam always shows you how to control the innate, natural and instinctive sexual desire and its joy which is particularly for keeping the virginity of women intact at all cost even going to the extreme of execution of a woman who dares to express her sexual desire in an un-Islamic way. In an Islamic paradise sexual gratification by a woman outside the bond of marriage is completely forbidden. For a Muslim man, a non-virgin woman is totally unthinkable for his consideration of marriage.  According to Islam, an unmarried woman must keep her sexual and reproductive organ in complete lock under any and all circumstances till she gets married. However day by day world is advancing but wherever the world moves we cannot overlook what Quran says and how we should live our life.

Arab Culture and concept of sexuality

Arab culture points to the culture in the countries in which the official language is Arabic and the west officials and scholars address them by "Arab countries" of Western Asia and North Africa, from Morocco to the Arabian Sea. Culture of any community includes their Language, literature, heritage, gastronomy, art, architecture, music, spirituality, philosophy and mysticism etc. The Arab world consists of Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE, Yemen and Oman. There are mainly three parts that all are practiced in Arab Culture, the Urban Culture (Al-Hadar), the Rural Culture (Al-Reef), and the Nomad Culture (Al-Badow). Characteristically, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, and Morocco are considered Rural Cultured countries, while Saudi Arabia, Libya, Mauritania and Jordan are considered as Nomad Cultured, and finally the Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Algeria are considered as Urban Cultured, yet most of the Arab Major Cities are recognized with Urban Cultures, like Cairo, Rabat, Baghdad, Alexandria, Damascus, Marrakech, etc.
Social loyalty is of great importance in Arab culture. Family is one of the most important aspects of the Arab society. Family loyalty is the greatest lesson taught in Arab families. Arab culture teaches that the needs of the group are more important than the needs of one person. Adherence to traditional dress varies across Arab societies. Saudi Arabia is more traditional, while Egypt is less so. Traditional Arab dress features the full length body cover (abaya, jilbāb, or chador) and veil (hijab). Women in most Arab Countries are required to wear abayas.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get Saudi Arabia business visa and Family Visa

In another words, you can say the business visa visiting work visa. The hosting company can issue this visa. Most importantly, this visa processes same as the business visa, just only you have meet your host who contact to Saudi Arabia. You should pay compensation directly to the employer not to the Saudi host. He confirm your visa from the Saudi Embassy.
Government visa is not issue to any agent or hosting company.  It issue directly to the person from the Saudi Arabia government employees. This will proved your authenticity you’re government employee of the Saudi Arabia government. The process of this visa isn’t so difficult. Its process same as business visa.
 Another type of visa issued by the Saudi Government is family visa. This visa is issue only to family member with their family! In this category may be include brother, sister, wife, husband, cousin, uncle, aunt, or any other who is related to your family. This visa is only given by proving the blood relation or family tree, or marriage decree. When you proved this relation, then you can get this visa easily. There are lots of another types of visa which can be easily get by Saudi Arabia Government, but these were the most famous visa.

How to get visa to visit Saudi Arabia

Have you ever traveled for Saudi Arabia? Are you planning to visit Saudi Arabia? But you have no knowledge about visa process and how to apply for visa. Now, I’m going to know you about the visa process of Saudi Arabia. This article would guide you throughout the different process of Saudi Arabia visa. About its complication, rules, regulation, and its policy regarding giving visit visa. I’m hoping after reading this article you’ll be able to apply Saudi visa without taking any professional services.
 Unfortunately, currently Saudi Arabia have no issued any visit visa for the tourists. Many people want to fly for king Saudi Arabia but present no visa issue to any person. But don’t worry Saudi Arabia issuing business visa of its tourist, which known as visit visa.
 In these days, Saudi Arabia giving only business visa. This visa process is a little bit crucial but not impossible. After some gleaned information can be get visa from Saudi embassy. This visa is mostly giving to company related person, on company behalf, they can go Saudi Arabia without any hurdle. So business visa is pretty simple and straight forward process. Hope fully host in Saudi Arabia would ask from the client for scan his/her passport and then will proceed apply for invitation letter. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can do this process. After authenticity of the client from the Ministry, it will go back to the host company. Then, the company, a company seal will be posted on visitor passport, will prove it. After completion this process, an invitation letter issue to the client. The next step is client goes to a registered agent who facilitate and stamped on the visa from the Embassy.

Saudi educational system and English language

Despite of all things, English language has achieved the eminent status in several sectors of the Saudi Arabia. This achievement of English language in Saudi Arabia can be seen in various ways. In which include social establishments and social fabric have the witness in current years. Education is also growing among the Saudi, mostly education institute are helping to improving the English language among them. This is the proof of expansion of Saudi economy all around the world. Media is also playing vital role to promoting the English among various society in Saudi Arabia. Some social program and events also enhancing the scope of English language.
 English language has gained the strong and palpable existence among the Saudi educational system. It could be many reasons. You can say it’s main and primary language taught in the Saudi schools. Universities colleges and school are pivotal role model to understanding the English language. Private school have also taken part in this step, English taught in primary, intermediate, and secondary levels. Even students have compulsory to taken the course of English. Some foreigner universities and colleges are taking part to introduce the English language in Saudi Arabia. In science and engineering the main medium of source is English language.

English education & English language in Saudi Arabia

English education is being priority on the other languages in Saudi Arabia. In article 50 of the Saudi Arabia it’s compulsory for any student to learn one foreign language for the development of the country. Later that he can interact with foreigners with their native language for the sake of business dealing. In simple words, Saudi person convey his message self to other person. In addition, send his message of Islam and can serve the humanity. In mostly Saudi schools, English language compulsory for students. Its means English scope is being spread throughout the Arab. In Saudi Arabia many stakeholders, policy-makers and other decision makers are aware that English language can serve important tool for the development  of the Arab country in the shape of international relations and science advancement.
 As a consequently, the status of English language in Saudi Arabia is consider primary foreigner language and the country continues to reveal its considerable interest towards the English language. Therefore, if the country not obliged the English language as a second language in the country, then its consequences would be disaster. Some person are suggest English language as the second official language in Saudi Arabia. Because internationally English spoken everywhere. If Saudi not speak and listen English well, then it wouldn’t be easy to convey his message to other person.

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The rising awareness of Muslims girls

Colors are an important aspect of hijabs and bright colors are always preferred while making these garments. It has always been difficult in the past to wear trendy outfits and at the same time balancing the religious requirement. This has changed and many girls are now looking glamorous with wonderful designs that are now available in major clothing stores. There are many online publishers as well as magazines which has helped young Muslims girls to find cutting edge fashion outfits that they can wear. Mature Muslim women are also finding the new designs attractive but due to perception by the society many are reluctant to use these new designs.
Bead work is often one of the techniques that is being employed to achieve decoration of high quality since it is shiny and doesn’t loose its effect in a short period. There are other outfits which have hit the market and there is still more to come. Arab countries such as UAE have seen a high number of women taking up these trending clothing and the trend is expected to hit even the conservative’s countries such as Saudi Arabia. Many women are feeling empowered and they can now enjoy their youthful lives without the need to worry on how the society perceives them. The rising awareness of the Muslims girls has made it possible for the fashion industry in Islamic countries to experience a huge demand for this kind of clothing.

Fashion Trends in Muslim Girls

There are a lot of people who believes that women are defined by the kind of clothing that they wear. Muslims girls are not exception to this and this is why in the recent past many designs have been manufactured for these girls. The attire that you will find in the market today is not limited to traditional garments which have been worn by Muslim women for a very long time. Fashion Trends in Muslim Girls Is now taking a new shape starting with skirts, hijabs to jackets as well as official suits for women? Although many western clothing focuses in fitting outfits Islamic fashion is opposite of the same as it emphasizes on loose clothing but with decoration of colors and other decorations.
A new design which incorporates both western and Islamic clothing is what many young girls are finding trendy and fashionable these days. It is easy to mark your identity as a Muslim girl and still wear a fashionable garment that makes you look better. The Islamic heritage is still being maintained on the new designs that are being released on the market today. There has been a high demand on wear that tells more about a culture of a Muslim girl while keeping it trendy. Hijabs and scarves for instance are the most sought cloth line in many Islamic countries and designers have realized about this and are spending sleepless nights so that they can come up with gorgeous outfit that teenagers would love.

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Saudi Arabia online shopping and international Transactions

Many people also are considering online shopping as they can be able to find whatever they need and compare the cost without moving from one street to another. This saves time and helps one to buy a product at a great deal while at their comfort of their home or even an office. Payment of online shopping is simple since credit an
d debit cards are the order of the day. Many banking institution offer VISA services that help people to transact internationally and therefore when it comes to online shopping in Saudi Arabia there are no boundaries to cross.
Other services that are being procured online include entertainment services where people are able to pay for online television station offering premium services.  At a small fee per month resident of Saudi Arabia can be able to watch television programs from as far as United States at their desktop computers without any problem and all this is thanks to online shopping. Although there may be many advantages of using online shopping for people of this country it is also important to be aware of some risk that may be associated with this new trend of shopping.
One of the things people should be aware of is the presence of fraudsters on the internet. It is good to only shop from reputable online shopping companies that have invested on securing financial information of their clients. Also buying from companies with good reputation could help one have confidence whatever they order is what they are going to get. Some unscrupulous traders may not deliver whatever you may have ordered and therefore sending either inferior product or substandard products all together. Those are some of the few tips that people in Saudi Arabia should know about the new online shopping trend that is being considered by many.

Online shopping Trends in Saudi Arabia

Online shopping Trends in Saudi Arabia
People are now demanding better products and services while at the same time looking for the most convenient method of buying products and services. Online shopping Trends in Saudi Arabia is one of the popular method that is being employed by many people especially young people of this country.  The availability of plastic money has made this mode of shopping to gain popularity among many people. Many businesses are also trying to tap this market since there has been a shift of real market to online market requiring business to be innovative to stay in business.
There many people who can’t find time to go out in the market so that they can do some shopping and this is one of the reason why this form of shopping is becoming popular day by day. Those who may have tight schedule can comfortably buy whatever they need on their computer and have the products or services delivered to wherever they may order. The online shopping trend in Saudi Arabia has also catch up with the hotel industry where it is possible for one to order a meal or snack online or through a phone and have it delivered wherever they may need.

Most Modern Cities of Saudi Arabia

Medina is little more than three or four hours away from Makah. Medina is very famous city of the Saudi Arabia. Medina is recognized by two different things, one thing Medina is city of Prophet of Muslims. And the second thing Medina people are very hospitable and kind. They welcome to the new comers with great enthusiasm. Because when you see the history of these people, a trait from Allah is given to these people, their ancestors were also very generous and hospitable. When you look into the history, here thousands of refugees came and native people accept them and also share property with them. The weather of the Medina is much cooler than Makah. There are several air conditioner which the atmosphere and chilly. The people of the Medina are very courageous and fashionable. Latest technology you can found here. Several eco-systems and underground basements are very popular among the people.
Al-Baahah is another modern city of the Saudi Arabia. It is situated a quiet southern town in the mountain. Here are plenty of cattle farms and camping grounds, which create its beauty more. Al-Baahah is famous because of its mountains, when you driving the sliding road you can enjoy and feel comfortable from others. It’s also very famous the name of windy road. At top of the mountain, you can view the sight of city thoroughly. Here is blow cool breeze with little moisture.  You can found families of monkeys and goats. It’s twisty roads is another interesting feature. The people of the Al-Baahah are very fashionable and up to date. Mostly they wear warm clothes to save from weather harshness.
The most modern city of the Saudi Arabia is Jeddah. Jeddah is only forty minutes away from Makah. Here is Red sea, which create the beauty of the Jeddah. Jeddah residents take the advantage of this beautiful see and absorb the awesome site of the sea waves. Red sea stuck the waves into the huge rocks bordering the shorelines. People here can find a calmer spot where they can dip their feet in, or swim and snorkel between the coral reef fantastic underwater lives. Here numbers of family come and enjoy the seashore. In Jeddah the Abdul-Azeez international Airport. Here number of western businesses and restaurants. Anything which you found in West can be found here in Jeddah.
The beautiful city of the Saudi Arabia is Taif.  Taif is situated only an hour from Makah. It’s awesome town with high mountains. Taif has lots of parks and greenery, which make city fascinating. Mostly family come here for picnic and refreshment. Many people come here in the summer period, because of heat they didn’t bear the heat of the coastal. The people of the Taif are very up dated and adopt the latest fashion. Their main income from agriculture and they wholly depend on it. Entertainment sources is another big feature for the source of earning to the people of Taif.

Saudi arabia mountain resort city, Taif

This is a mountain resort city, which is located to the SouthWest region in Saudi Arabia. It is endowed with the most pleasant climate, exotic wildlife and sunny skies which lure scores of families to this region for a summer break.
King Fahd Park is found here, the largest public garden complete with a lake, walking paths and playgrounds. The traditional souq in this city makes it possible for shoppers to sift through traditional handcrafts, gold and silver.

Second largest dam in Saudi Arabia

This city is the capital of Najran province, where new and old structures stand side by side to give this oasis city a sought of special charm. Visitors and natives to this city thrive on the comfort of several museums such as Al-Ukhdood ruins which was once a commercial center. The city also has the second largest dam in Saudi Arabia, Al-Madik dam which has also become a major tourist attraction feature. The dam has parks bordering both ends, which contributes to its popularity.

Most vibrant cities in Saudi Arabia

This is the second largest city in the kingdom, a glistening modern commercial center which is considered as one of the most vibrant cities in Saudi Arabia. It hosts one of the tallest fountains in the world, and carries over 300 gardens.
Historical buildings have been beautifully restored in this city, with a good example being Naseef house, which has over 100 rooms, and a staircase large enough to allow entry of camels which find their way to the first floor for offloading. It is also host to King ‘Abdul-‘ Azeez international Airport, besides other Western restaurants and businesses.

Saudi Arabia cultural and geographic hub

This is Saudi Arabia’s capital city, and by extension the largest city in the country. It is a cultural and geographic hub, which was once enclosed in mud-brick walls. Riyadh is a contemporary city at the moment, which has a continuously expanding network of industrial parks, residential suburbs, high rises and modern roads.
Even with these developments though, the city retains a fair share of its traditional appeal, such as the Qasr Al-Hokm, which was a historical city, and has since been renovated to become the city’s social, commercial and cultural center.

Historical and natural wonders in the world

Saudi Arabia has been a home to both historical and natural wonders in the world. It has been a hot travel destination for a number of years, receiving millions of visitors who come to explore the kingdom, but most of them have been Muslims who are out to undertake pilgrimages. Most significant, however, is the growth of major cities, a growth that has continued to elevate Saudi Arabia.

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Best Employment Opportunities in Middle East

 There are secure jobs today in the Middle East that should be considered to find opportunities. Many UAE employees, especially in Dubai still do not have the same confidence in  terms of jobs stability and security as the night have had in the pre-slowdown era.
The first one opportunity is in healthcare. A career in health care is considered the most recession-proof in any country no matter what the economic state of affairs may be. We all need doctors, caregivers, nurses, pharmacist, surgeons and general hospital administrators at all time Because of the simple reason that there is specific time to fall sick.
The second is Military and civil personnel. Even though they may be the first in line of the fire on the ground, it is highly unlikely that their jobs will never be taken on away because the economy is going through a different phase.
Educators is the third,it is right in the modern world and ideally all children should have the opportunity to get educated. It can only be second to health care. The needs of Educators, teachers, coaches, who challenges each individual to do better and motivate each person to try and excel in their achievement.
The is Professional Caregivers, Modernization and globalization makes our women entering the work force and nuclear families are becoming the norm. In big cities, Dubai, being one of them, the cost of caring and raising young children has sky rocketed. Parents my complain of these cost but this is an expense they will not cut on.
Food Service, there is no replacement for food and people can stop going to restaurants, but ordering food and take away thrives even in difficult times.
Sixth one is Lawyers, regardless of the state economy; a sound legal is always an asset.
Developers, development of new technology is a rapid advancement of ideas and the need for constant upgrades and research can assure professionals in the industry of job security at least for many years to come.
And last the least is the Administration Staff, couriers, delivery personnel, construction workers, transportation personnel, clerks, these are the jobs that are demand and never eliminated entirely. 

Best Employment Opportunities in the Middle East

From Engineering to Top level Management positions the Middle East has a wealth of opportunities for those willing to look beyond their own front door.

Locations are wide are varied within the vast expanse of the Middle East, so you have plenty of destinations to choose form.

Whether you decide for the paradise of Dubai or the on the edge living in Iraq there is something for every taste.

To secure the best employment opportunities, ensure that you have a good up to date CV and that you have no criminal record, as that will be checked upon being short listed by all companies seeking your employment.

The best employment opportunities are those within well established companies with a track record of maintaining and rewarding their staff.

Companies like Qatar Petroleum, Boeing and Hilton Worldwide are some of the companies that are always on the look out for qualified staff at all levels.

Most of the best employers will offer very good remuneration packages with added benefits for the expatriate.  These are ranging from relocation packages, housing and medical cover, to paid flights home each year and bonus related targets.

To ensure that you get the best for your best, there are many websites that are dedicated to matching the right job to the right candidate.  Some of these are: www.aljazeerajobs.com.  They hold up and over 11100 in Saudi Arabia alone. With many large clients held on their books, Dell and SAIC, being just two of them.

http://www.gulftalent.com.  They have 700 jobs on record just in construction alone. Offering a wealth of links and services to make your search for the perfect job a streamlined process with CV building and email notification alerts. All just a click away.

Be aware that each country has its own laws and it is strongly advised that you read up on your chosen destination before making job applications, as there are many laws that may affect your ability to work in these countries. Your sex, marital status, age and religion may filter you out of jobs that you would otherwise be selected for. So be prepared.

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is better known to the outside world for its influence in the Middle East politics and as a major oil producing nation. The culture of the people is one of the mysteries only known to the Saudi people.  As a mater of fact, the world knows very little about this great nation’s traditions and culture. Some of this information is not reliable since it is either from story books or movies. One of the well guarded cultures and traditions is the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, spouses did not have the liberty of choosing their partners. Weddings were the agreements between the parents of the couple in question. Such arrangements were seen as tribal alliances to ensure wealth or power remained within the family circle. For this reason, one could be married off to a distance cousin. This was and is a known and accepted practice.

It is impossible for one to get married outside the community unless with the express permission from the king. Saudi women who break from this position normally spend the rest of their lives outside Saudi Arabia after the wedding. Amazingly, the rule is not as binding to the Saudi men as is the case with the women. Western women who decide to marry Saudi men should bear in mind that the spouse’s parents have the final say in their son’s marriage. She should be willings to live with the husband’s parents and the extended family in one compound. Married women are not allowed to participate in certain activities such as bike riding, driving or even board a public vehicle unless in the company of a relative.

Women are not allowed to work outside the homestead. As a mater of fact, there are very few opportunities for women to practice their profession if any. One can however opt to teach other women or work with the medical centers. Most Saudi women would prefer being a doctor instead of working as a nurse or clinical officer. Such positions are despised by the community.

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Wedding celebration in Saudi Arabia is very much different from other’s weddings in the states in every form. But At first I want to give you an overview of how people get wed to each other. Since In a relationship between a man and a woman is restricted in Islam, getting proposed to exactly from a guy that you understand is not a choice. The way things work is, when a guy likes to get married he would inquire his mother and sisters to look for a perfect bride and when they find a bride that they believe will be flawless for each other the entire family would go to the girl’s house and the boy will propose to her dad. Then the girl has to see that boy and the boy should see the girl as well. So in Islam this is something that is called “eshofa eshreya”. It is like going out for a cup of coffee with a guy/girl to get to understand her before getting serious and see if she/ he are flawless for you. So after “eshofa eshreya” the father asks the girl if she wants him as a married man (what is known about Saudi marriages celebration on the newspapers is wrong it is habitually the girl choice to select who every she likes to get married to no one can force her to get wed it is a non Muslim act to do so as well as the Shakh “the person who marry them has to discover the brides O.K. to this marriage otherwise it is an incorrect one) and if she does, the friend must provide the girl with certain thing that is called mahr. After completed all other procedures then the boy & girl get married.

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is well-known for its vast deserts and the holly city Mecca. As a Muslim country, most of the Saudi Arabian follow the complete Islamic rules and regulations at their wedding ceremony. Wedding in Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the most valuable parts of life. All the adult Saudi Arabians get married through a big and lavish ceremony. According to the Islamic tradition, the wedding ceremony is considered to be the weaving together of two souls and of two destinies.
Still now the majority of Saudi weddings are the result of arranged marriages. The couple are seen each other for the first time with their family members by a traditional program called “Shawfa”, which means “the seeing”. They can then agree to the marriage, having met and engaged.
On the day of wedding, generally the bride and the groom both wear traditional white clothes. The bride wears a traditional dress called “Zaboun” which covers all the body of bride from head to feet. A silver colored thread is included with this dress. The groom also wears a long traditional dress called a “Bisht” as well as a scarf over his head called “Pagri”.
In order to make the marriage agreement legal, every weeding needs a government approved weeding agent called Mimlik. At the weeding occasion, the Mimlik reads few quotes from the Holly Qur’an and then prays for both the bride and groom. He also ensures that both the bride and the groom agree to marry each other.
In a wedding ceremony, two different parties to be thrown, first one is arranged by the bride side and the second one by the groom side. The main wedding party is arranged by the bride’s side. At that party, it is commonly seen that there are two separate parts- one for the men and other for the women.

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Are you searching for Job Opportunities in Middle East?

 Are you searching for Job Opportunities in Middle East?
 The first thing that a job seeker does is to relocate a foreign country, where he can cover his expenses such as rent through a personal loan. But when he starts settling down, his search for job opportunities also starts. Not only he needs the work for his survival but also the money he has to give back for the personal loan to the bank which he needs to pay sooner. 
The region which has gained popularity from the past years is the Middle East. The majority of people prefer are relocating for job opportunities in the Middle East. If you think you are one of those people who want to work in the Middle East than read on to find more on why to work in this region and how to face challenges.

Why Job Seekers are so enthusiastic to relocate to the Middle East?

You get the opportunity to have a tax free living. Yes! You read it right, “a tax free life”.  The majority of the Middle Eastern governments have a kindhearted approach when they talk about taxation and give the opportunity to pay no tax on personal income. 

Challenges in Middle East:

  • The biggest challenges the job seekers might face are the opportunities available for nationals and only promoting them. This is creating difficulties for non-nationals to enter the job market in the Middle East. To beat this challenge you can find work in the private sector, where wider job opportunities are available for non nationals.

Ways to Find Job Opportunities in Middle East:
  • Always do a research when you plan to leave. Look for the opportunities and demand. Such as shortage of technical expertise is a big problem in the Middle East. Therefore you can find jobs not only in technical areas but also in professions like need for teaching, medical expert, financial expert or work as business consultants.
  • Develop an experience with you. Experience counts a lot because in the Middle East, there is a shortage of experienced professionals.
  • Taking help from an international recruitment agency or sponsor can help you to get a permit i.e. Residence or employment visa.

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Ramzan Life In Saudi Arabia

Ramzan is the 9th month of Arabic calendar. This month is religiously precious to the Muslims. As Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest Muslim countries, understandably the holy month of Ramzan holds huge significance in the life of the people of Saudi Arabia. Some certain changes are made in their regular life-style.

There are some religious rules which every Muslim has to follow during the holy month of Ramzan. They are prohibited to eat or drink anything from sunrise until sunset. Not only they are prohibited to eat or drink, but also they have to go through some other special temperance. Every Muslim has to restrain themselves from any sinful deeds. They can not do anything bad thing, can not see anything bad and also can say any bad words. Like the other Muslim countries, the Arabs take it very seriously as well. They try their heart and soul to maintain those rules. Instead of having breakfast, lunch or dinner, they eat just before sunrise and after sunset. When they eat just before sunrise, they call it the, “Sahri”. On the other hand, when they eat after fasting all day long, they call it the “Iftar”. The restaurants of Saudi Arab also have to make changes their schedule. They offer special packages for “Sahri” and “Iftar”.

Changes are also made in the prayers during Ramzan. Generally, Muslims need to say their prayers for five times daily. But in Ramzan, after the night prayer, which is known as “Esha”, they have to say a special prayer which is called “Taraaweeh”. Because of religiousness, Saudi Arabians do not want to miss the Taraaweeh prayer.

It can be said that the holy month of Ramzan makes a lot of changes in the life of Saudi Arabians. They are encouraged to respect their religion with more belief during this month. 

Saudi Woman Wearing Hijab

Saudi Woman Wearing Hijab
All Saudi Arabia women are required to have a male guard despite of their age as male guardianship is considered to be a right of women. The guardian can either be a father, brother or a husband. The guardian has responsibilities and rights over the woman in many aspect of community life. Saudi Arabia women aren’t allowed to drive and it is the only country in the world that forbids female from driving. Saudi Arabian believes that allowing women to drive could possible cause western-style ingenuousness and deterioration of traditional principles and morals. Saudi Arabian women are somehow lucky as employment isn’t prohibited but they aren’t permitted to work in institutions or workplaces where there is mixed gender. Saudi Arabia women are also prohibited from wearing clothes that expose their bodies. In Saudi Arabia, all of the body should be covered except eyes and hands. All Saudis women are expected to wear a hijab (a head covering garment), an abaya (a full black cloak) and a niqab (a face-veil). Today, abayas are available in various colors and pattern to suit everyone’s taste.  Customarily, Saudi Arabia women are supposed to wear clothing that is opaque, thick and loose.

The Rights of Saudi Arabia Women

 The Rights of Saudi Arabia Women           

Saudi Arabia is formally recognized as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is known to be the largest Arab state in western Asia as it consist an approximate of 16 million citizens, 9 million registered refugees and 2 million illegal migrants. Saudi Arabia is the place where Islam originated and there are two specific mosques namely Al-Masjid al-Haram and Al-Masjid al-Nabawi and they are known to be the hilliest places in Islam.  In this article, we are going to look at Saudi Arabia women, their rights and restrictions, dressing mode and their obligations.

The rights of Saudi Arabia women are actually defined by Islam and their tribal way of life. Women world wide suffer from problems such as discrimination, limited right to use economics, inexperience in business just to mention a few. In Saudi Arabia, women have been denied the right to health, education, freedom of movement, employment, fairness in marriage just to mention a few. 

Night Clubs in Saudi Arabia

People who finds pleasure in popular nightlife activities such as clubbing and disco’s, may be at a loss when visiting or working in Saudi Arabia. 
The short explanation for the above statement is simply this: There are no night clubs in Saudi Arabia. Due to the fact that the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the country as part of its religious beliefs, the absence of western activities such as clubbing is inevitable. Having alcohol in your possession is more likely to lead to your losing a hand, therefore foreigners and locals alike rather enjoy quiet get-togethers at home.
Just because the country do not allow the establishment of night clubs, does not mean that its people do not make the most of it. Locals partake in the activity of having Mocktails. The word in itself explains the purpose: a blend of coffee and juice is mixed together and consumed from a glass, effectively mocking the more popular cocktails.
Visitors do not have to discard the idea of making Saudi Arabia a travel destination due to a lack of night clubs.  Both families and singles can find plenty to do and see at night. The favourite and probably the safest establishments to visit are restaurants and hotels.
Traditional night life in Saudi Arabia commences after prayers at sunset, as per their religion. This is an ideal time, as the region cools down significantly and families are able to enjoy long strolls or dinner at a restaurant.
Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is also home to some of the most excellent coffeehouses in the country. Here people get together and join in activities such as playing card games. Those who wish to see a change of scenery can visit one of many charming family stunning parks, or watch a movie at the cinema. Who needs a night club in Saudi Arabia?

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