Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Addressing the Growing Poverty in Cambodia

Addressing the Growing Poverty in Cambodia
Poverty in Cambodia is a very real and desperate problem as many people struggle from day to day just to survive. Finding enough food to feed a growing family can bring havoc to many Cambodians, as parents simply want to offer the basic necessities of life for their children. There are many concerns with the current conditions in Cambodia leading to the state of poverty. Cambodians suffer from poverty in a variety of ways, just to mention a few:
·         Under developed communities which often have families living in villages located far from job sites, due to the lack of employment and money, Cambodians experience problems with proper living facilities, as well an unhealthy water supply, both are much needed to offer the basic necessities of life.

·         Childhood illnesses and disease caused by poor hygiene.

·         Transportation problems related to poor road conditions, and the inability to reach job sites.

·         Education problems arising from under developed communities, causing many Cambodian children to forfeit their education due to lack of funds, caring for parents with serious health conditions, and lack of supplies necessary for learning.

·         Adult health problems in Cambodia can be related to the lack of education, the most serious health problem is Aids or HIV. Sexually transmitted disease is a common event for Cambodians. There are many diseases related to improper hygiene in Cambodia such as: malaria, dysentery, typhoid, and hepatitis. All of the diseases related to adults in Cambodia can be linked to the lack of education. 

There have been many efforts to offer a better environment for Cambodians throughout the years, as many world organizations have come together to offer assistance to the rural areas of Cambodia. The problems in Cambodia will take years to correct as the state of their condition is far worse than any one organization can correct, however with the combined efforts of both governmental assistance and nonprofit organized assistance there is much hope.

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