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Music of Saudi Arabia

Music of Saudi Arabia
A living part of the Saudi Arabia history is its music. Saudi folk music has been produced by the nomadic Bedouins & the pilgrims who bring musical influence from around the world.

The music vary from region to region for example, in the Hijaz, the music of al-sihba join poetry & songs of Arab Andalusia, whereas the folk music of Makkah & Madinah reflect these two cities’ influences from all through the Islamic world.

Dance is also trendy among Saudis people. The countrywide dance is the men’s sword dance recognized as the ardha. An ancient custom with its roots in the country’s central area is well known as the Najd. The ardha is a grouping of singers, dancers with swords & a poet or speaker. Men with swords stand in two lines or within a circle, with a poet singing stand in their midst, & do the customary dance.

The ardha is like one of numerous Saudi folk music customs that Saudis people refer to jointly as al-funun al-sha‘abiyyah. Varying by region to region and again by town & city within each region, human being traditions are known as an art fann or type lawn. Many join song with rhythm, clapping & group dance. Player wear local costumes dress and sometimes dance with prop such as the sword in the ‘ardah or the bamboo cane.

To obtain the full sense of these music arts, one has to observe them as well as to hear them. They are music, rhythm, poetry, song, and dance and costume all rolled into one.

There are thousands of folk music & dance group all over Saudi Arabia, their members spanning several age groups. Similar to the al-Jishshah Folklore Troupe in the Eastern region, they focus on local traditions that they do for weddings & for other special occasions. Al-Jishshah’s dance group specialize in more than a few variety of the ‘ardah dance, as well as the songs of their city and & al-Hasa Oasis.

Saudi Arabia musicians add one more layer of percussive sound to their arts: booming, rhythmic clapping known as tasfiq. Originate in many part of the Saudi Arab world, tasfiq regularly occurs during drum or instrumental refrains between song verses. One or two clappers lead the rest through a frenzied roundup clapping, mark out complex rhythmic patterns that may be inspiring participants to dance. Hands fly up & down, in and out, in a blur, until unexpectedly, cued by the leader; they all stop at once at the end of the dance.

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