Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautiful landscape and Shopping Centers in Riyadh

Riyadh is one of the top cities in and the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is the biggest one than all cities in Saudi Arabia. It serves as an administration center, educational centre, health, recreation, entertainment center and a tourist destination in Asia. It also offers a number of services to its occupants. It is one of the cities in the world with the biggest malls and shopping centers. Here are the top popular malls and shopping centers in Riyadh; Venicia center, this is a big shopping center which especially deals in the men outfits. It works hand in hand with international brands to offer the best designs for men.  Riyadh Gallery, it is a shopping mall found in King Fehad Road in the city of Riyadh. It has one of the famous beauty shop in Saudi Arabia, Sephora. It is wide in size and has a beautiful landscape at the centre. It also has coffee shops inside, eating stalls and fantastic restaurants among others. Granada Center, it is a bit far from the central business center. It is also the best shopping mall for men; it offers all the best outfits for men of any size.

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