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Everlasting Relationship in Saudi Arabia

Everlasting Relationship in Saudi Arabia 

When a woman and man wants to make an everlasting relationship, they always prefer to purchase new dresses and dispose of old ones. They state that this is a new phase of their lives that’s why they are getting new clothes. At the day of wedding, man is normally dressed in a long and white cover named Bisht and the bride wears white elegant dress. In the end of wedding, the groom heads towards the wedding room with his father and other relatives and park himself to have a cup of coffee for some time. Then people present in the room leave and bride comes with her relatives and mother and does the same. This enables them to remove stress to start a new life. The next day, in the morning, man gives a present to his woman. 

Cutting of Cake 
When the groom and bride start to walk towards their wedding cake, all the guests go away from their way and gaze in expectancy at the groom and bride. Then the man holds the hand of his woman and then they hold a knife to cut the cake. After cutting a small piece, the groom offers it to the bride and she bites it. After that, the bride also presents that piece to the groom and he bites a bit of it. Then the guests start to clap and cheer for them. The reason behind this cutting of cake is, the pair has begun to take care of one another and always wants to look after each other.

Who will take bride-groom? 
In Saudia Arabia, after the organization of wedding ceremony, the holy man states that the groom and bride are wife and man. Then the groom and bride goes towards a party hall (special place for wedding) - near the house. The friends of groom then follow him in their vehicles and flare their lights and beep their horns, to notify people that this is a wedding party. In the Saudia Arabian weddings, there are some special food items – like a whole sheep and rice on a big plate are the most important- that are cooked for about 8 to 15 plates because normally there are a number of people attending the party. After eating dinner, the groom and bride leave the hall from back door and go for their honeymoon- but sometimes the groom’s friends play jokes with him like they bring him to a place from where he is not able to come back (the deserts) for at least two to three days so that he will be late to go for his honeymoon.

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