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Kings of Saudi Arabia

Kings of Saudi Arabia 
According to the constitution of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the King of Saudi Arabia is Saudi Arabia's head of state. He is also considered as the Prime Minister and Head of the House of Saud. Saudi Arabia is the place where the religion of piece “Islam” was born and also this country is the home to two of the Muslim world’s holiest places. As by the status, the King of Saudi Arabia is considered as the guardian of the two holiest mosques of Islam situated in Mecca and Medina and goes by the title “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.” So in Muslim world, Saudi kings are always humbly respected. Saudi king has also the total power about taking any decision about the country’s oil policy. There is a luxurious palace for the king of Saudi Arabia called King’s Palace which is situated in Riyadh. 

Saudi Arabia became established as a kingdom in 1932 and the first king of Saudi Arabia was Ibn Saud (ruling period: 26 November, 1876 to 9 November, 1953). After him, his son Saud was selected as the King. From 1932 to present, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been ruling consequently by six kings and the name of the present king is Fahd bin Abdulaziz. He was appointed as the king of Saudi Araba after his half-brother King Faisal was assassinated in 1975. King Fahd bin Abdulaziz is considered as the most popular king of Saudi history. He has initiated a range of major social, economic, infrastructure, health and educational projects that have brought about remarkable changes throughout the Kingdom. He is also the most moderate minded king in Saudi kingdom history. 

In Saudi Arabia, normally the queen has no major contribution to the ruling of the State. The king’s wife is considered as the queen. But the Saudi queens have huge contribution in the advancement of Saudi women. Iffat bint Ahmed Al Thunaya (1916-February 2000) is the name of the most popular queen in Saudi kingdom history. She was the most prominent wife of King Faisal (April 1906 – 25 March 1975). She launched the first girls' college in Riyadh in the history of Saudi Arabia. In August 1999, just before the months of her death she established the Effat University adjacent to Dar Al Hanan. Effat University is the kingdom’s first non-profit private women’s university. The name of the present queen of Saudi Arabia is Fathima Kulsum Zohar, wife of King Fahd bin Abdulaziz. She is considered as the one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

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