Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lesbians in Saudi Arabia

Lesbians in Saudi Arabia
The subject of same gender relationship between two women must be understood and explored in perspective of sexuality of women and Islam, which consecutively must be discovered regarding Islam and gender (roles).

Even though sexuality and sex is a forbidden subject in a number of Muslim countries especially in Saudi Arabia and often firmly synchronized in Islamic laws, some intellectuals have debated that previous religious scholars and the Holy Book ‘Quran’ dealt with sexuality and sex positively and openly. They have debated that the Book realizes humans as sexual creators and that even though reproduction is one of the most important function of sexuality, sex (heterosexual) that is realized as an intrinsic part of human’s life. They also mentioned that early religious scholars and Quran have not considered sexuality opposite to religion. In brief, they believe that Saudi Arabia has got a religion that sees sexuality and sex as being positive and necessary but for opposite genders.

Some female scholars have mentioned that this affirmative or positive Islamic sexual approach is often (or not) asserting male sexual experiences (heterosexual). For instance, they mentioned that Saudi law is talking about male sexual activities, without pointing out women and their sexuality in the same way. For instance, verses asserting males’ right of sexual satisfaction, verses have allowed polygamy and temporary marriages, and also particular sexual references. This highlight male sexuality which is reflected in the Saudi Arabian laws and the manner they have been utilized in the society.
The concept of lesbians in Saudi law and society is strictly prohibited while when it comes to monogamous hetero-sexual wedding then it is also restricted but not as strictly as it is for lesbians. This form of sex is considered to preserve the sexual purity which is hetero-sexual and needs male power over sexuality of women. 
Women are only allowed to experience sex with their husbands who are under their control. The idea of lesbians is Saudi Arabia is not known among the people as this act is ‘HARAM’ and all those acts that are spiritually declared as strictly forbidden, they are not allowed in the kingdom. If women are committed to this evil, they will be severely punished as suggested by the religion. Islam has not allowed anyone to make violation of its rules and regulations. The sexual relationship between two females is regarded as adultery (zina) in the beliefs of Saudi Arabian culture and they are ordered to be killed so that this evil cannot spread in the surroundings.  

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