Saturday, May 18, 2013

Life of a woman in Saudi Arabia

In a male dominated society, the voices of women are never heard and the quality of life of a woman in Saudi Arabia is largely influenced by her family. Very few Saudi women are lucky to have a family that are open minded and will allow them to pursue their education and their career. Such women will have the liberty to choose what she wants to do and can also travel out of the country to pursue her career and a new life, provided she has the support of her family. But most of the families that are in Saudi Arabia are conservative families and they will only clamp down on the women in the house to follow the strict traditions and customs that are in place.

The modern Saudi women are trying to raise their voice and fight for their freedom, but most of them are being subdued by the powerful male society and the monarchy that is in place in the country. There are a few changes that are seen in Saudi Arabia wherein the King has declared that women will have the right to vote in the upcoming local elections to be held in 2015 and that wome can be appointed to the Consultative Assembly. Let us hope that this is beginning of the much needed change that all women in Saudi Arabia are yearning for. 

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