Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life of a woman in Saudi Arabia

Life of a woman in  Saudi Arabia
Arabia is a land of unparalleled charm and beauty, with its trackless deserts  of sand dunes in the dazzling rays of the tropical sun. The eminence of the life of an urban woman depends upon the male authorized member. Arabia is a male dominating society where women have not their own choice to do anything if anyone belongs to a noninterventionist family then she will be a luckiest among them, because she is  going to get an education on your behalf but one thing keep in mind that she can’t even attend the university without their guardian. But it did not mean they have no rights. Islam has given rights of women which are being followed there. The women inherited smaller part of the property as it was declared in Islam the women will attain half of the sons. Parda (hijab) Is another vital part of a Saudi woman. It's necessary to shun from evil which can be caused by exposing  body parts. Customarily, women do not wear those dresses which expose their body parts. As it’s a male dominating society women are taught to take care of children.  And households. However, men can provide their services for women at a large to avoid male contact. Although, They can do those jobs that are approved by their guardian. But they can’t move anywhere without a male guardian. But now in topical years a lot changing has appeared. 
Now women can apply for those jobs that a can in touch with the male. But these  opportunities should match their mental and physical abilities. For instance, they cannot be chosen as a judge or position of public office however there are some other occupations where they can show their abilities such as teaching and nursing. As far as the marriage topic is concerned, now women are taking their own marriage decision. And polygamy is prohibited now.

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