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Popular Malls and Shopping Centers in Riyadh

Popular Malls and Shopping Centers in Riyadh 
Saudi Arabia is in fact a shopping ecstasy for women from all over the country who want to shop. It is not a matter of their age that whether they are old, an expat or a young woman in the country. There are things available for every woman according to her individual taste and preference. Naturally among a number of appealing and popular items available for each and every women of any age group, golden souks are most preferable that are plentiful. The gold of Saudi Arabia is famous for its best quality in the whole world for its cost, value and design. Even a small town will generate one or two gold souks. 
Because of what would be professed for certain activates available for women in the isolated society, shopping is the most favorite pastime. The shopping malls in the country are rated among the finest and premium all over the world having appealing and glittering display of products from the entire world. The newest fashions prevailing in Paris, London, New York and Rome arrive in the kingdom possibly faster as compared to other main cities of the world. There are a number of Armani, Gucci and Chanel clad women wearing the traditional and shrouding adayas! 

When one initially notices the haute and gold couture fashions, the customary items must not be ignored as well. Dress makers flourishes in the country and do a successful business in part, all thanks to the superfluity of shops and stores providing top quality notions and fabrics. Why go and purchase those haute couture dresses when you can get your own that suits you the best? In addition to people who want to develop a memorable Arabian night experiences, there are a number of custom souks to discover where they can buy incense, carved furniture, finest carpets, daggers and oud. 
The country required to promote their shopping opportunities. A book that differentiates traditional souks from modern malls along with their specialties and locations may be useful apart from an expat woman or a Saudi woman. 
To start with if you do not have knowledge, bachelors are not allowed to enter into the shopping malls of Riyadh. Males are just allowed to step into if having a female with them. Al Faisaliyah, Al Memlikah, Granada Mall, Sahara Mall, Hayat Mall, Royal Mall, Al Owais (Kuwaiti Souk), Deira, Euromarche and Azizia Mall are the most populated and top rated shopping malls in Riyadh where you can get whatever you want in reasonable prices.  

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