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Popular Malls and Shopping Centers in Riyadh

Popular Malls and Shopping Centers in Riyadh 

Saudi Arabia is indeed a shopping paradise for the people of all ages and from all over the world. A large number of top class malls and shopping centers are available here. Saudi shopping centers are mainly popular to the outside world for its gold souks. Saudi Arabian gold is rated among the best in the world for its costs, value and design. Riyadh is one of the major cities of Saudi Arabia and considered as the most popular city for comfortable shopping and large number of shopping centers. This article will introduce you with some popular malls and shopping centers situated in Riyadh. 

Riyadh Gallery 

This is one of the most popular shopping centers available in Riyadh and located at the end of the King Fahad Road. Riyadh Gallery has 2 supermarkets as well as 4 Mega stores. The ground floor of this mall contains everything that a family needs such as clothes, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, watches and so on. The first floor contains all the electronic products as well as the mobile phones. The second floor includes a large area for coffee shops and colorful food courts in addition to the Games City. 

Sahara Mall 

This is the largest mall in Riyadh. This center consists of 63 stores and majority of them are for women and specialize in clothing, make-up and perfumes, jewelry, cosmetics and shoes. Well-decorated fast-food restaurants, a café and a children's entertainment center are also here for the refreshment of the customers. 

Kingdom Mall 

This is another popular mall in Riyadh consists of 190 stores and most of them offering different international brands. The prices of the products in this mall are little bit higher than the others. It’s food court has about 16 restaurants and it has a large underground parking lot for 3000 cars. 

Hayat Mall 

This mall is also one of the largest malls in Riyadh but not quite as large as Sahara mall. A wide variety of shops can be found in this mall. Hayat Mall is a very good place and popular for formal dresses. Their Main attractions of this mall are electronic stores, bookstores, Danube hypermarket, Paris Gallery and modern styled food court. 

Granada Center 

Granada Center is situated in E. Ring Rd. street, Ghernata district and known as the men-friendly mall because most of the stores are here, carry different branded products for men. This center has a hypermarket, more than 230 different stores, a large number of coffee shops and fast food restaurants. 

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