Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rights of Saudi women's

Rights of Saudi women's 2012 to  2015
Saudi Arabia has a powerful male dominated society. Here, women can be called as second-class citizens. For the Saudi women it is compulsory that all females have a male guardian, typically a father, brother or husband. Comparing the outside world, the progress on women’s rights in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is vastly lack behind. Women in Saudi Arabia are still not allowed to drive, they are not allowed to take a job or to take a loan without the permission of her male guardian and even they haven’t the right to vote in election. But, recently King Abdullah announced that the Saudi women will receive the right to vote and can be candidates in municipal elections on 2015, which is considered as a tremendous improvement for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. 
Women living in Saudi Arabia have a very particular legal status, which means they have very few rights comparing to the men and they have only a very limited role in society of Saudi Arabia. While Saudi males are being stand on their own feet at only the age of 18, Saudi women are being as a dependent member entire their lives. Human Rights Watch identifies some vital reasons behind this discrimination and the guardianship system is one of the major of them. For instance, Saudi women need the permission of their particular male guardians to study, work, marry, banking and often to make critical decisions such as their own and children healthcare and so on. The quality of life of a Saudi woman largely depends on her family especially on male family members. They may enjoy some freedom if they come from a moderate family but their life will be harder if they come from a more conservative family. 

Recently these scenarios are changing. The Saudi Government is now taking some valuable steps for the advancement of the Saudi women. They are now eligible for the educational scholarship, voting in election and taking part in sports. Saudi athletes were got the permission to compete in the Olympic game in 2012 in London, England for the first time in the history. Now few Saudi women are also seen in news presentation in different TV channels. These are the signs of improvement of the present condition and life leading of Saudi women. They are also advancing with the global women although this is quite slower than the others.

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