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Saudi Arabia Belief about Sexuality

Saudi Arabia Belief about Sexuality 

The customary non-Islamic moralists consider love and sex as if they are demonstrations of a loathsome evil that must be shunned. On the contrary, the modernistic societies are tended to regard free love not just respectable but desirable. Being an Islamic country, Saudi Arabia acts upon the teachings of Islam and prohibits all those activities that are declared as “HARAM” in the religion. Likewise, Saudi Arabia has opened the doors of sexual actions for every Muslim having a respective relation that the Holy Book has discussed rather candidly. In fact, when it comes to marriage, the terminologies of Quran utilizes linguistic forms that advise more sexual as compared to contractual connotations, as allowed after getting into a holy relationship.

In fact, if you want to understand about concepts or beliefs of Saudi Arabians about sexuality, you need to study their Sunna where you can find various hadiths on this issue that relate to legal rulings, ancillary topics and relations. In these holy quotes, sexual body parts are so naturally and candidly covered which you can just suppose that the message’s milieu have not seen anything immoral. 

Saudi Arabia acts upon the sayings and directions provided in hadiths and if a person is committed to any adultery act (zina), he will be punished as per the Islamic laws. You have definitely experienced that there are some questions related to sexual activities and the words associated with them that most of the people may shy to ask. 

In this case, you can find hadiths related to the problems concerned with females in pre-menstruation, menstruation, post partum period and issues associated with the position of male after sexual relation. 

When you read the books of jurists and topics that are related to sex, you will see that there are various candid, clear discussions on its essentials, in spite of whether they relate to sex act, some associated problems and sexual organs. 

You also come to know that the different scholars in Saudi Arabia have discussed sexual relationship in their books with the help of witticisms, jokes and rare stories written in such a way that would be morally wrong for the present society. Some older books by pure, pious, ascetic scholars consisted of some chapters that thoroughly describe procedures are not known and conventional in the sex activity. 

This proves that Saudi Arabia has adopted sexual education according to the Shariah rulings_ the forbidden, the commendable or the obligatory- that relate to this side of living.

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