Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Saudi Arabia Fashion Show

Saudi Arabia Fashion Show 
In the 2009, Saudi Arabia had experienced first fashion show held by the Nafisat Shams Al Biqa Acadmey located in Jeddah, despite a limited audience, mixed reaction and clerical resistance from the public. Nonetheless, it has opened doors for Saudi Arabian fashion designers and women to come forward and participate. 

The first fashion show was organized on the western part of Saudi Arabia, a city situated in Jeddah. The event had come up greatly after the sponsors and organizers had ultimately thrived in obtaining the consent from various authorities. The fashion show was held by the Al Biqa Academy and came as the ending ceremony of Saudi Arabian fashion designers contest that was the ever first event of its type in the country. 

Though, the event was not to be photographed or taped, even not with the cameras and participation was restricted to women only. Models are required to wear traditional Islamic dresses, appearing in black abayas, headscarves, long dresses, jeans etc. A model participating in the fashion show stated that taking images during the first official fashion show was not right under Islamic laws. Another model said that no cameras or paparazzi were there for which models need to show off new oriental and western fashion designs, they are just for women audience. 

Susan Shamy, the director of Al Biqa Academy, had considered the event as a large success for the Saudi Arabian fashion show. They had not faced any obstacles or difficulties in organizing the fashion show; he considered that because they have taken care of all rules and regulations regarding Islam. After the organization of this successful event, fashion show has got great popularity among women all over the country. This show has only allowed women to participate but they needed to make sure that they were not bringing mobile phones or cameras in the hall. 

The Saudi Arabian fashion show has given great opportunity to young females to show up their talent and compete with each other to become the best. In the first fashion show of Saudi Arabia, Wijdan Al Sharyofi became successful to win the first prize and declared as the top fashion designer all over the kingdom. Wud Rohaimi won second prize and received 75.000 SAR, while third place was accommodated by Hala Attya. 

So, what is the conclusion of all this discussion? The answer is, fashion is spreading in all over the country and more and more young girls are making it their profession in order to make themselves the best and want to represent their country in world’s top fashion shows.

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