Monday, May 20, 2013

Saudi Arabian Life style

Saudi Arabian Lifestyle
The lifestyle of Arabs has been very extravagant. The Arabs are generally known for their wealth, leisure and overindulgence. Even though, Saudi Arabia is aiming to be a modern country in many aspects, the life in Saudi Arabia is controlled by strict rules and regulations under the light of Islam and the teachings of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and the Holy Qur’an. Saudi Arabia is still one of the most traditional societies in the world and even foreigners living in Saudi Arabia have to acclimate themselves to these rules and regulations as these laws do not change for any man what so ever, and one must abide by these laws under any circumstances. 
 In Saudi Arabia, it is quite amazing that the business comes to a grinding halt five times a day for prayers. It is a binding law for all Muslims; whether they are residents, travelers and foreigners to offer prayers while Non-Muslims can wait outside or stay at the hotels till business starts again. The role of the police is quite crucial as they are liable to make sure that all the people abide to the laws prescribed and all things are in agreement to the religious laws. In Saudi Arabia, it is not possible for a man and a woman unknown to each other to mingle easily or communicate in public. If a man has a woman along with him, she MUST be his wife, mother, sister or daughter.
The women living in Saudi Arabia have a very limited role in public life, and have a very particular legal status as men are given more rights than women. Women are allowed to drive but are prohibited to work. There are certain jobs which they can do, for instance they can be nurses, doctors or teachers. It is a compulsory for women to cover their heads whether Muslims or not. 

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