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Saudi Arabian wedding style

Saudi Arabian wedding style 

The culture of Saudi Arabia is Arab & Wasabi Islam and highlights many elements from historical and folk culture like dance & music. Conventional values are custom made into legal prohibitions even for non Muslims who are prohibited by law. 

Major ceremony occasions associated with Saudi Arab are weddings, get-together of family and other social events. This event represents an exciting family experience for visitors as well as for family. Guests invited at the wedding will be welcomed by close family member’s relative of the groom and guided to correct halls. The traditional Saudi Arab greeting of kissing is seen quite a bit here. Guests coming at the marriage will first head directly to meet the groom and exchange a few words with him. A frequent word said to the groom is 'Mink almaal w minh al3eyal'. Saudi Arabian wedding style still requires the sacrificial slaughter of sheep or, less frequently, goats and young camels. 

For these celebrations, meat is boiled in large pots and part of the soup made is spread in the middle of the guests with the rest transfer over big trays of rice on top of which the cooked meat is placed put. 

Usually male guests and older age men are gather around the tray and take food first, using the right hand after then they are follow by younger men & finally boys. Women and girls eat individually. Usually food is prepared specially for women but sometimes they have to eat what the men and boys have not consumed. Various rounds of coffee & tea are served to guest before and after the meal so that incense is burned. 

Conventionally Arabian wedding is between paternal first cousins or other nearby related kin. It is usual habit for married couple not to meet before the wedding night and marriages had to be set by their fathers, mothers & other relatives. These traditions are changing slowly & unevenly these days, but the propensity is toward fewer very close cousin marriages and for the pair to talk with each other before the wedding. Parents still take marriage decision but are more likely to handle indirectly & with some known relative. Men are allowed to have more than one wife at a time as long as they can treat them equally, but polygenic is not common in most of the population. Marriage is considering a essential part of life for men and women and approximately all adults marry. Wedding celebration in Arab countries is usually a costly affair.

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