Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shopping Opportunities Saudi Arabia

Shopping Opportunities Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom needs to better promote its shopping opportunities. A book which distinguishes between the modern malls and traditional souks as well as their locations and specialties would be very useful regardless of whether a Saudi woman or expat woman.

To begin with if you are not aware, unaccompanied males are prohibited from entering the malls in Riyadh. Males are only allowed to enter if accompanied with a female. Now that being said, I have heard repeated that foreign western men at least are usually allowed entrée. This also explains why security details are always posted at the entrances to all shopping malls.

Al Memlikah: Al Memlikah is an enterprise owned by HRH Alwaleed bin Talal. Like Al Faisaliyah, it is an upscale shopping center. The third floor of Al Memlikah is for women only allowing women to remove their abaya if they choose while they shop. Al Memlikah is known to all taxi drivers and located in the Olaya district. All these Malls are very well constructed.

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