Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shopping Paradise for the Woman in Saudi Arabia

Shopping Paradise for the Woman in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is indeed a shopping paradise for the woman in Saudi Arabia who likes to shop. It does not matter whether she is young, old, Saudi or an expat woman in the Kingdom.Something is available for each woman’s individual taste in the Kingdom. Naturally among the most popular and generally appealing to all groups of women in the Kingdom are the gold souks, which are plentiful. Saudi gold is rated among the best in the world for its value, design and cost. Even the smallest town will have a gold souk or two. 

Due to what may be perceived of the limited activities available for women in a segregated society, shopping is a favorite pastime. The malls in the Kingdom are among the finest in the world with their glittering and appealing displays of goods from all around the world. The latest fashions from Rome, Paris, London and New York arrive in Saudi Arabia probably faster than most other major cities in the world. There are many Gucci, Chanel and Armani clad women underneath the shrouding black abayas! 

 While one first naturally notices the gold and haute couture fashions the traditional items should not be overlooked as well.Dressmakers abound in the Kingdom and do a thriving business in part thanks to the plethora of shops offering the finest of fabrics and notions. Why go and buy that haute couture dress when you can have your very own made which fits to perfection? In addition for those who wish to create the Arabian nights experience there are many traditional souks to explore where one can purchase daggers, incense, oud, carved furniture and the finest of carpets. 

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