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Technical Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Technical Jobs in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is one of the best job destinations for western ad Asian expats, only compared to cities like Singapore, Malaysia etc. however, expats looking for jobs in Saudi Arabia should be fully aware of the religion of Islam which is deeply rooted in the kingdom. Those who come here should be ready to abide by the religious practices practiced in the country. For instance, women are not allowed to drive and cannot mix with men. They re only supposed to go out only after given permission by their male guardian. 

Nevertheless, the attractive tax-free salaries fails to discourage people from seeking job opportunities in Saudi Arabia. As a matter of fact, the kingdom offers some of the highest salaries worldwide. 

According to a research conducted by one of the most trusted firms in the world, concluded that the monthly average salaries have an average of 15,750 Riyals, median of 12,000 Riyals and a minimum monthly salary of 2,800 Riyals. 

What that means is that the average salary in the kingdom translates into roughly 4,200 USD per month. This figure is so attractive and is enough to get expats happy working in Saudi Arabia. Expats with experience and skill set are also at a better chance to attract higher salaries. 

Information from indicates that Internal Audit Manager can earn up to a whopping salary of 95,000 SAR per month a Director of Catering Services an attractive sum of 65,000 SAR. Salaries in the Health and Medical sector, Banking sector, Building and Construction sector and he Executive and Management sector are also paid handsome amounts per month. 

What are the best paying jobs in Saudi Arabia? 

English Teacher: demand for English teacher is on the rise leading to increase in salaries for professionals. 

Building and Construction: is one of the most popular sector in the economy. The need for real estate and construction of shopping centers to cater for the ever rising demand of the housing unit as led to salary increase for professionals in this field. 

Petroleum Engineer: the is the major sector of the kingdom’s economy a no surprise that it offers some of the best paying jobs. 

Private Sector: one of the most developing sector in the economy with highly paid salaries. People in Saudi Arabia are busy investing in order to diversify their sources of income. 

The kingdom is undoubtedly one of the richest Gulf States and also with strict religion. Saudi Arabia has severe regulations for men and women. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the country and no mixing of genders unless you are close relatives.Women dress code is severe and their roles are mostly feminine jobs such as running spas and dress designing. Expats need to understand these rules and take courage to learn and abide by them. 

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