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The big day is the wedding party in Saudi Arabian

The big day is the wedding party in Saudi Arabian

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the world with the most unique cultures than any community you might know of. It is rich in culture which has attracted many people around the world. Due to this, most of the married couples often prefer to spend their honeymoon in Saudi Arabia. How does Saudi Arabian wedding look like? This wedding style is very extraordinary, before the couples are joined together, a total of five separate parties are held. An engagement part is always the first one to be thrown. Both the bride and bridegroom invite family members, relatives and friends for this party. It is always accompanied mostly by traditional foods. Thereafter a special ritual which is known as “Good luck” is performed by the elders. After this ceremonious party, bride and the bride groom are now left to go and purchase new clothes which they will be wearing henceforth. They are to throw away the older clothes. This signifies the beginning of a new life for the couple. It is very stylish that on the wedding day, both bride and bridegroom wear white clothes. This is very uncommon in most of the weddings. The man will wear Bisht with a scarf over his head and the woman will wear Zaboun and Yashmak. This is a tradition dress which is worn by women on their wedding day as per Saudi Arabian culture. 

The big day is the wedding party. This is the most amazing wedding party I have ever heard of in my life. It is accompanied by very supernatural happenings which are beyond my understanding. The bride and the bridegroom will have their own separate parties. Each party will be hosted by Sheikh, an Islamic religious leader who will open the ceremony with prayers. During this ceremony, music and dance are involved. The most known dance style of the Saudi Arabian “Gangnam style” is performed by men for the bride and the bridegroom in their separate parties. This is purposely to entertain them. This ceremonious party is then followed by a reception. In the reception, traditional dishes are served with lamb, chicken and many other spices. The reception will be followed by speeches which is similar to other styles of weddings in Europe and America. Every guest will then be given five pieces of almond. This signifies five hidden wishes of the wedding which includes long life, wealth, fertility, happiness and good health. Finally, we have the “Sabaa” party which is celebrated after seven days. Attendees here are only women; they come with presents and gifts for bride in her mother’s home.

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