Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Contract Marriage in Arab countries

The Contract Marriage  in Arab countries 

The contract of marriage is very important and it is known as Nikkah in Islam. It must be signed in the presence of witnesses by both bride and groom. It is based on certain conditions like dowry and other terms of relationships. The contract is signed in the presence of all the relatives of the family and a function is arranged separately for signing this contract. 

After completion of all the formalities, the function of celebration starts and both the parties invites their relatives and friends to meet the bride and groom and congratulate them on the happy occasion. Bride’s hands and feet are decorated with Henna, which is a tradition of Muslims. All it goes to start the new life of the couple in Saudi Arabia. 

Reception for Wedding 
The wedding reception arranges for the guests. Where a separate hall or lounge is booked to arrange the function. People come and give different type of gifts and flowers to both bride and groom. Some time a cake is cut by both the couples to celebrate the new face of life. Many traditional things are done differently according to the cultural values. So, all in all many things are done on this happy and joyful occasion. 

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