Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Top Paying Jobs in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is among the best job destinations in the world for the Asian and Western expats. As Saudi Arabia is the country of firm religious beliefs and practices, all those foreigners who wish and want to stay and work in Saudi Arabia must follow all the strict rules and regulations of the country. Saudi Arabia offers some of the highest salaries in the world. The average salary in Saudi Arabia is 15,750 SAR (Saudi Riyal) which makes an average of roughly $4,200 USD per month. Salaries can go higher if a person has more experience and skill sets, which is quite appealing for expats to work here. 

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest Gulf States, yet most religious. According to the law in Saudi Arabia, all jobs and business have come to a grinding halt for five times a day to offer prayers. Non-Muslims have to wait for the business to start again after the prayers.

A person can earn a lot of money by working in Saudi Arabia. Teaching is one of the highest paid jobs. As people in Saudi Arabia wants to learn English and progress, teaching, English is one of the most highest paid jobs in the country. Oil is the most important for Saudi Arabia, as it is one of the main accesses of money in the country by exporting. Petroleum engineering is the core sector and the qualified persons are offered some of the highest salaries. Not only petroleum engineering, but there are other departments of engineering as well which demand top paid jobs in Saudi Arabia and the world. As banking jobs are well-known in every country, Saudi Arabia also offers some high salary banking jobs and it is also in the category of one of the highest paid jobs. Another job. which is quite appealing there is construction business. Construction supervisor is offered high salaries to work for, another highest paid jobs in the country. 

The world is modernizing with the help of technology and everyday new technologies are invented or discovered. Saudi Arabia is also modernizing and the department of Information Technology (IT) offers great salary to PHP developers, Software developers etc. Marketing and business is also in the category of highest paid jobs in Saudi Arabia. 

In a nutshell, not only the likes of Bill Gates and Donald Trumph can be billionaires so easily, an experienced and qualified person can make his way in the list of millionaires and billionaires in the world easily by working in Saudi Arabia 

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