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Traditional Saudi Arabian wedding style

Traditional Saudi Arabian wedding style 
Marriage is the most important part of Saudi Nation and it is done by every person, who attains the age of an adult. The wedding ceremony is done with all lavish preparation and two sexes meets each other as two souls meet after marriage.Mostly, weddings are done with all formalities but they due care of Islamic values like Hijab and separate arrangement of male and female functions. Mostly, weddings are arranged as prescribe in Islamic teachings. Relationships are mostly done on the basis of cast and family relationships. 

Arrange marriages are done because they prefer to start the relationship with those, whom they are familiar priorly. Brides and Grooms can meet with each other before connecting in the relationship but this meeting is done in boundaries of Islamic values. Arab women is still not allowed to marry with non-Arab except granting permission by the king. According to the preaching and guidelines of Islamic laws, a man can do for marriages, if he is able to afford the lively hood of his wives but in the modern age this practice is not seen normally.

The normal practice of marriage is started from engagement in most part of the Middle east countries. Engagement is the verbal invitation of the future promise of marriage, which is done by mutual agreement of both the families. A lot of preparation is done before marriage and almost all the things are bought to start a new life with new things. On the day of the wedding, both the couples wear a white dress. The man wears a long white dress known as the bisht and head is covered with a scarf. The bride wears a traditional dress known as Yashmak and Zaboun, which is stitched with silver threads. After the wedding ceremony both the bride and groom go for relaxation to stress out of the whole day. 

The number of factors are mutually agreed by both the parties. The first one is the agreed value of the dowry, which is discussed with the bride’s father and usually comprises of gold, clothes and other material things possess some value. The second thing is the Nikkah, which is the legal way of connecting both in the relationship. The Nikkah is recited by the Sheik, who is authorized as a judicial officer along with the three witnesses. After that the contract was mutually signed by the bride and groom and it is also signed by close relatives as a witness. 

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