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Wedding Celebration in Arab Countries

Wedding Celebration in Arab Countries 

Different cultures are shown throughout the Middle East’s Arab countries. They all have different customs and traditions for their own wedding celebration but there are also some elements that are fairly common between them. Celebrating the wedding with a big party is a tradition in Arab countries and this tradition has been a major part of the Arabic culture for a very long time.

There are normally multiple celebrations are held in Arabic wedding ceremony. Each celebration also has its own customs. The celebrations are started by the engagement celebration which is usually held in the house of the bride. Here the groom may formally ask for the bride’s hand for putting a ring on her finger.

Before the day of wedding, it is seen in most of the Arab countries, arrangement of a big party called Henna ceremony. This party is also arranged by the bride’s family. In Arabian culture, the Henna ceremony has great significance in the weddings. They have been considering Henna as a symbol of good luck from the thousands of years. It is also a chance for the both families to celebrate together before the wedding. All the necessary wedding decorations and last minute arrangements are done on this occasion. The present generation of Arab women considers henna as a program for unlimited fun. They sing traditional Palestinian music and dance all over night.

In some Arab countries such as Palestinian and Lebanese also celebrate an evening party called Sahra on the street or in the garden in front of the groom's house before the wedding day. This party is strictly for the men. Women are not allowed in this party but they may enjoy the program from the outside of the party area or via video projection inside from the house.
The final wedding reception party is common in all the Arab countries. Arab culture is fully influenced by the Islamic spirit and so wedding is done following all the Islamic rules and regulations. According to the Islamic law, the bride and groom must accept the terms of marriage and need to agree verbally that they take each other as husband and wife. This ceremony begins with the speaking of the Imam or Sheikh about the rights and duties of the wife towards his husband and husband toward his wife. After that various spicy traditional dishes are served for the guests. At the end of the party, Family by family visit the new couple and offer congratulations and give presents to them.

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