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Wedding celebration in Arab countries

Wedding celebration in Arab countries 

Wedding celebration in Arab countries has changed seriously in the past 100 years. Traditional Arabic weddings celebration is very similar to modern day weddings and they are different from one region to another, even within the same nation. 

The Wedding celebration usually starts with assembly between the couple's families and ends with the wedding's consummation. To consider a marriage be Islamic, the bride & groom must both be agreed and the groom is greeting into the bride's house but only in the presence of groom parents to maintain transparency between both sides. 

In Arabic culture, there are many ceremonies that complete the actual Islamic marriage & celebration. Once the official wedding ceremony has been complete, a spectacle takes place in the streets & makes known the couple’s union and the celebration start. Once the parade is completed, the bride & groom sit in two easy chairs on a kosha at the start of the party hall. Once the couple is seated, a customary sweet drink made from fruit or flowers, is served chilled to all of the guests. Once every guest has completed this delicious drink, a toast is made that honored the bride and groom. 

Once toast is finished, it is the time to begin the first dance. Once the wedding couple dance has ended, guests start dancing. The wedding couple sings & dances with guests for some time until the cake cutting ceremony start. The ceremonies of cake cutting indicate feeding & encouragement each other for the first time. Once this tradition is completed, everyone go to a buffet where a large range of Arabic food is available for guest. 

The prosperity of a family is exposed in the quantity & richness of the food provided. A traditional Arabic buffet include of many foods like stews, fruits, lamb, meats, chicken, salads, lentil & rice dishes, hummus, olives and figs, as well as conventional desserts. Once food has been finished, guests are requested to stay for more enjoyment. 

Arabic marriages very are similar to other cultures, with customs like meals, the cake cutting & the bunch tosses. For occasion, coffee and chickpeas are found all over the world but are main cuisine stuff in Arabic culture & have been for many other centuries. 

Whether it is a wedding custom or a conventional Arabic drink in the mornings, we can all be touch by the simple loveliness that Arabic traditions and food offer to the rest of world. 

If you are going to be attending any Wedding celebration in Arab countries, it is intelligent to know & to better appreciate the culture and traditions when attending the wedding.

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