Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Western Music of Saudi Arabia

Western Music of Saudi Arabia 
Music is the pattern of sounds produced by people singing or playing instruments. Music is mainly for entertainment purpose. In the Saudi Arabia music, there are two phases of music, the traditional music and the western music. The traditional music is the most common type of music in Saudi Arabia especially the folk tradition. Music in Saudi Arabia started long time ago during the Romans periods, ever since, the style of music has slightly changed, but it still retains the traditional instruments. Traditional music is the current leading music trend in Saudi Arabia; it is mainly played during special occasions such as wedding celebrations, rituals, tradition festivals and the celebration of the new moon among others. Although it is that familiar in Saudi Arabia, it is still limited in certain areas. The traditional music is mainly played in very easy rhyme accompanied by the clapping of hands and beats. 
Traditional instruments like ‘ney’ and ‘rababa’ are commonly played. Though the traditional music played a significant role in the Saudi Arabian culture, it was viewed by Muslim religious leaders as sinful. This is because in their religious book-Koran, music has never been mentioned thus they regarded it that way. Western music is another type of music which is common in Saudi Arabia, this type of music has been greatly influenced by the western cultures from Europe and USA. As a result of this, it has spread to most part of Saudi Arabia but has not become that dominant. Due to the invention of electrical machines such as radios, DVD, CD, music video and TV satellites, western music has gain a lot of strength and become a music priority for most of the Saudi Arabians. Today many artists have arose in Saudi Arabia to produce some of the world most famous music genres such as RNB, Pop, Rock and Soul Music. Based on this, Mohamed Abdu became the first Saudi Arabian to become the first Pop music star. Later on other artists also joined by to shine with other genres to keep the western music style live and a bit dominant in some part of Saudi Arabia. The good news about Saudi Arabia music is that there has never been any stiff competition between them. They all love their culture and adore it very much. They really enjoyed their music especially during their celebration of annual general events.

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