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Women professionally working In Saudi Arabian

Women professionally working In Saudi Arabian: 
Reading different articles, books about Saudi Arabian culture, or watching the news does not provide westerners real knowledge about Saudi Arabian tradition. In fact a customs which is so different from the western lifestyle would seem to be opaque- until you come across a woman living in Saudi Arabia when rendering her services as a nurse. 

Women professionally working in medical places are able to access to the internal working of their world in such a way that a number of westerners simply do not. In the end, most of the contractors live in the relative isolation, residing in compounds made not to increase the anger of Wahhabists who suppose westerners as infidels. But doctors and nurse have access into the lives and homes of Saudis which is unparalleled. 
From the perspective of a western woman, the culture of Saudi Arabia is a revelation. It is difficult to consider two traditions that are different in their altitudes regarding women. While it is true to say that a woman is west yet faces pay inequity and proverbial glass ceilings, the limitations for Saudi woman are seemingly made strict. 

It does not mean to say that women in Saudi Arabia necessarily recognize any domination. In fact, they abaya- a black outer long garment worn by them- embraces impressions of their religious devotion. In their culture, the attire of women should not be too fitted, must not be intended to grab attention and should not be a symbol of vanity. Furthermore, even though woman should cover her body parts except her hands and face, some are advised to wear gloves and veils by their husbands. 

Like the clothing of a woman, the role of woman is Saudi Arabian custom is mostly dictated by established religious beliefs. Not like the western countries, where they believe an equal partnership of women with their husbands, a Saudi Arabian weddings are mostly arranges, with the female becoming the property of man after marriage. She should be submissive and obedient, if she is not, the husband may beat or punish her. And even though it is less extensive than before, man is allowed to take one or more wives. 

The Saudi law prevailing dictates that women are valued as ½ of men. For instance, a woman gets half part of the inheritance from her brother’s share and in court, a testimony of a woman is provided half of the man’s weight. Specific punishments like whipping are stated by law.

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