Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Night Clubs in Saudi Arabia

People who finds pleasure in popular nightlife activities such as clubbing and disco’s, may be at a loss when visiting or working in Saudi Arabia. 
The short explanation for the above statement is simply this: There are no night clubs in Saudi Arabia. Due to the fact that the consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the country as part of its religious beliefs, the absence of western activities such as clubbing is inevitable. Having alcohol in your possession is more likely to lead to your losing a hand, therefore foreigners and locals alike rather enjoy quiet get-togethers at home.
Just because the country do not allow the establishment of night clubs, does not mean that its people do not make the most of it. Locals partake in the activity of having Mocktails. The word in itself explains the purpose: a blend of coffee and juice is mixed together and consumed from a glass, effectively mocking the more popular cocktails.
Visitors do not have to discard the idea of making Saudi Arabia a travel destination due to a lack of night clubs.  Both families and singles can find plenty to do and see at night. The favourite and probably the safest establishments to visit are restaurants and hotels.
Traditional night life in Saudi Arabia commences after prayers at sunset, as per their religion. This is an ideal time, as the region cools down significantly and families are able to enjoy long strolls or dinner at a restaurant.
Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is also home to some of the most excellent coffeehouses in the country. Here people get together and join in activities such as playing card games. Those who wish to see a change of scenery can visit one of many charming family stunning parks, or watch a movie at the cinema. Who needs a night club in Saudi Arabia?

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