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Ramazan life in Saudi Arabia

Ramazan life in Saudi Arabia  
Ramazan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting. This annual observance is regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam. The month lasts 29-30 days that depends on the visual sighting of crescent moon.
Celebrations in Saudi Arabia   
Saudi Arabia, the capital of Islam, spend this holy month refraining from bad deeds as well as engaging in sexual relations. Sudden virtuousness prevails in the society. People start doing pious deeds. Holy month of Ramazan starts from sighting of moon. Fasting is obligatory for Muslims in this month. While fasting from dawn until sunset, Muslims refrain from consuming food, drinking liquids, smoking and engaging in sexual relations; in some interpretations they also refrain from swearing. Mosques of Saudi Arabia are almost full of people. People spend most of the time in prayers, reciting Holy Quran and taravih. Muslims of Saudi Arabia also practice self discipline, self control, sacrifice, and sympathy for those who are less fortunate; thus encouraging actions of generosity and compulsory charity.
Sahoor and Iftar at Saudi Arabia mosques
In Saudi Arabia and rest of the Muslims each day before dawn observe a pre fast meal called sahoor. After stooping short time after sahoor Muslims offer fajar.  At dusk, people hasten for the fast breaking meal called iftar. At this time mosques are full of charity edibles.
Special nights of Ramazan
27 of Ramazan, infact the last 10 nights, are considered very special so the mosques are full of people. Several ceremonies took place. People worship Allah, the whole nights. After the 30 fasts of Ramazan Muslim celebrate Eid ul Fitr.  Saudi Arabia flushes with happiness.
People are fined for eating in day time
In Saudi Arabia people who will eat in day time in public places will be fined for 240 hours.

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