Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ramzan Life In Saudi Arabia

Ramzan is the 9th month of Arabic calendar. This month is religiously precious to the Muslims. As Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest Muslim countries, understandably the holy month of Ramzan holds huge significance in the life of the people of Saudi Arabia. Some certain changes are made in their regular life-style.

There are some religious rules which every Muslim has to follow during the holy month of Ramzan. They are prohibited to eat or drink anything from sunrise until sunset. Not only they are prohibited to eat or drink, but also they have to go through some other special temperance. Every Muslim has to restrain themselves from any sinful deeds. They can not do anything bad thing, can not see anything bad and also can say any bad words. Like the other Muslim countries, the Arabs take it very seriously as well. They try their heart and soul to maintain those rules. Instead of having breakfast, lunch or dinner, they eat just before sunrise and after sunset. When they eat just before sunrise, they call it the, “Sahri”. On the other hand, when they eat after fasting all day long, they call it the “Iftar”. The restaurants of Saudi Arab also have to make changes their schedule. They offer special packages for “Sahri” and “Iftar”.

Changes are also made in the prayers during Ramzan. Generally, Muslims need to say their prayers for five times daily. But in Ramzan, after the night prayer, which is known as “Esha”, they have to say a special prayer which is called “Taraaweeh”. Because of religiousness, Saudi Arabians do not want to miss the Taraaweeh prayer.

It can be said that the holy month of Ramzan makes a lot of changes in the life of Saudi Arabians. They are encouraged to respect their religion with more belief during this month. 

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