Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saudi Women

Saudi Women
Dressing Style of Saudi Women
The way Saudi women dress is quite different from other Middle East countries. Their dressing style is nearly similar to that of the gulf countries but it is not completely identical. The clothes worn by these women are highly decorated with sequins, metallic thread and coins. The long cloak worn by Saudi women is called abaya. This is accompanied with the veil or scarf which is called niqab. These two attires have to be worn every time a woman leaves the house. That is how they protect their modesty. The cloak is always worn over their normal clothes. That means that they dress like other women while in the house, but the situation changes when they get outside their houses.  
The wearing of abaya and niqab is a tradition for women who stay in Madina and Makkah. The city of Riyadh is quite different because women there dress like those in the United Kingdom. The general observation is that, nearly all women in Saudi Arabia wear a black cloak as well as a scarf when they are out on the streets. This applies to foreigners, locals, Muslim and non-Muslim. This is the way women dress whenever they go to the public places such as the shopping malls, restaurants and hospitals. The foreigners who visit the country are seen wearing other colors other than black.
Saudi Women and Women Rights
Islam and tribal customs play a great role in defining women rights. Note that all women in Saudi Arabia are expected to have a male guardian when going to the public places. Women who are not accompanied by such men are sometimes arrested.  Until recently, women were not allowed to vote or be elected for any political posts.  King Abdullah had declared that women will be allowed to vote and run for political office in the coming 2015 local elections.  Women are not allowed to drive. This is the only country all over the world with such prohibition. The country has not politically empowered her women in any manner.

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