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Best Employment Opportunities in Middle East

 There are secure jobs today in the Middle East that should be considered to find opportunities. Many UAE employees, especially in Dubai still do not have the same confidence in  terms of jobs stability and security as the night have had in the pre-slowdown era.
The first one opportunity is in healthcare. A career in health care is considered the most recession-proof in any country no matter what the economic state of affairs may be. We all need doctors, caregivers, nurses, pharmacist, surgeons and general hospital administrators at all time Because of the simple reason that there is specific time to fall sick.
The second is Military and civil personnel. Even though they may be the first in line of the fire on the ground, it is highly unlikely that their jobs will never be taken on away because the economy is going through a different phase.
Educators is the third,it is right in the modern world and ideally all children should have the opportunity to get educated. It can only be second to health care. The needs of Educators, teachers, coaches, who challenges each individual to do better and motivate each person to try and excel in their achievement.
The is Professional Caregivers, Modernization and globalization makes our women entering the work force and nuclear families are becoming the norm. In big cities, Dubai, being one of them, the cost of caring and raising young children has sky rocketed. Parents my complain of these cost but this is an expense they will not cut on.
Food Service, there is no replacement for food and people can stop going to restaurants, but ordering food and take away thrives even in difficult times.
Sixth one is Lawyers, regardless of the state economy; a sound legal is always an asset.
Developers, development of new technology is a rapid advancement of ideas and the need for constant upgrades and research can assure professionals in the industry of job security at least for many years to come.
And last the least is the Administration Staff, couriers, delivery personnel, construction workers, transportation personnel, clerks, these are the jobs that are demand and never eliminated entirely. 

Best Employment Opportunities in the Middle East

From Engineering to Top level Management positions the Middle East has a wealth of opportunities for those willing to look beyond their own front door.

Locations are wide are varied within the vast expanse of the Middle East, so you have plenty of destinations to choose form.

Whether you decide for the paradise of Dubai or the on the edge living in Iraq there is something for every taste.

To secure the best employment opportunities, ensure that you have a good up to date CV and that you have no criminal record, as that will be checked upon being short listed by all companies seeking your employment.

The best employment opportunities are those within well established companies with a track record of maintaining and rewarding their staff.

Companies like Qatar Petroleum, Boeing and Hilton Worldwide are some of the companies that are always on the look out for qualified staff at all levels.

Most of the best employers will offer very good remuneration packages with added benefits for the expatriate.  These are ranging from relocation packages, housing and medical cover, to paid flights home each year and bonus related targets.

To ensure that you get the best for your best, there are many websites that are dedicated to matching the right job to the right candidate.  Some of these are:  They hold up and over 11100 in Saudi Arabia alone. With many large clients held on their books, Dell and SAIC, being just two of them.  They have 700 jobs on record just in construction alone. Offering a wealth of links and services to make your search for the perfect job a streamlined process with CV building and email notification alerts. All just a click away.

Be aware that each country has its own laws and it is strongly advised that you read up on your chosen destination before making job applications, as there are many laws that may affect your ability to work in these countries. Your sex, marital status, age and religion may filter you out of jobs that you would otherwise be selected for. So be prepared.

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is better known to the outside world for its influence in the Middle East politics and as a major oil producing nation. The culture of the people is one of the mysteries only known to the Saudi people.  As a mater of fact, the world knows very little about this great nation’s traditions and culture. Some of this information is not reliable since it is either from story books or movies. One of the well guarded cultures and traditions is the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, spouses did not have the liberty of choosing their partners. Weddings were the agreements between the parents of the couple in question. Such arrangements were seen as tribal alliances to ensure wealth or power remained within the family circle. For this reason, one could be married off to a distance cousin. This was and is a known and accepted practice.

It is impossible for one to get married outside the community unless with the express permission from the king. Saudi women who break from this position normally spend the rest of their lives outside Saudi Arabia after the wedding. Amazingly, the rule is not as binding to the Saudi men as is the case with the women. Western women who decide to marry Saudi men should bear in mind that the spouse’s parents have the final say in their son’s marriage. She should be willings to live with the husband’s parents and the extended family in one compound. Married women are not allowed to participate in certain activities such as bike riding, driving or even board a public vehicle unless in the company of a relative.

Women are not allowed to work outside the homestead. As a mater of fact, there are very few opportunities for women to practice their profession if any. One can however opt to teach other women or work with the medical centers. Most Saudi women would prefer being a doctor instead of working as a nurse or clinical officer. Such positions are despised by the community.

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Wedding celebration in Saudi Arabia is very much different from other’s weddings in the states in every form. But At first I want to give you an overview of how people get wed to each other. Since In a relationship between a man and a woman is restricted in Islam, getting proposed to exactly from a guy that you understand is not a choice. The way things work is, when a guy likes to get married he would inquire his mother and sisters to look for a perfect bride and when they find a bride that they believe will be flawless for each other the entire family would go to the girl’s house and the boy will propose to her dad. Then the girl has to see that boy and the boy should see the girl as well. So in Islam this is something that is called “eshofa eshreya”. It is like going out for a cup of coffee with a guy/girl to get to understand her before getting serious and see if she/ he are flawless for you. So after “eshofa eshreya” the father asks the girl if she wants him as a married man (what is known about Saudi marriages celebration on the newspapers is wrong it is habitually the girl choice to select who every she likes to get married to no one can force her to get wed it is a non Muslim act to do so as well as the Shakh “the person who marry them has to discover the brides O.K. to this marriage otherwise it is an incorrect one) and if she does, the friend must provide the girl with certain thing that is called mahr. After completed all other procedures then the boy & girl get married.

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia

Wedding Celebration in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is well-known for its vast deserts and the holly city Mecca. As a Muslim country, most of the Saudi Arabian follow the complete Islamic rules and regulations at their wedding ceremony. Wedding in Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the most valuable parts of life. All the adult Saudi Arabians get married through a big and lavish ceremony. According to the Islamic tradition, the wedding ceremony is considered to be the weaving together of two souls and of two destinies.
Still now the majority of Saudi weddings are the result of arranged marriages. The couple are seen each other for the first time with their family members by a traditional program called “Shawfa”, which means “the seeing”. They can then agree to the marriage, having met and engaged.
On the day of wedding, generally the bride and the groom both wear traditional white clothes. The bride wears a traditional dress called “Zaboun” which covers all the body of bride from head to feet. A silver colored thread is included with this dress. The groom also wears a long traditional dress called a “Bisht” as well as a scarf over his head called “Pagri”.
In order to make the marriage agreement legal, every weeding needs a government approved weeding agent called Mimlik. At the weeding occasion, the Mimlik reads few quotes from the Holly Qur’an and then prays for both the bride and groom. He also ensures that both the bride and the groom agree to marry each other.
In a wedding ceremony, two different parties to be thrown, first one is arranged by the bride side and the second one by the groom side. The main wedding party is arranged by the bride’s side. At that party, it is commonly seen that there are two separate parts- one for the men and other for the women.

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