Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Employment Opportunities in the Middle East

From Engineering to Top level Management positions the Middle East has a wealth of opportunities for those willing to look beyond their own front door.

Locations are wide are varied within the vast expanse of the Middle East, so you have plenty of destinations to choose form.

Whether you decide for the paradise of Dubai or the on the edge living in Iraq there is something for every taste.

To secure the best employment opportunities, ensure that you have a good up to date CV and that you have no criminal record, as that will be checked upon being short listed by all companies seeking your employment.

The best employment opportunities are those within well established companies with a track record of maintaining and rewarding their staff.

Companies like Qatar Petroleum, Boeing and Hilton Worldwide are some of the companies that are always on the look out for qualified staff at all levels.

Most of the best employers will offer very good remuneration packages with added benefits for the expatriate.  These are ranging from relocation packages, housing and medical cover, to paid flights home each year and bonus related targets.

To ensure that you get the best for your best, there are many websites that are dedicated to matching the right job to the right candidate.  Some of these are:  They hold up and over 11100 in Saudi Arabia alone. With many large clients held on their books, Dell and SAIC, being just two of them.  They have 700 jobs on record just in construction alone. Offering a wealth of links and services to make your search for the perfect job a streamlined process with CV building and email notification alerts. All just a click away.

Be aware that each country has its own laws and it is strongly advised that you read up on your chosen destination before making job applications, as there are many laws that may affect your ability to work in these countries. Your sex, marital status, age and religion may filter you out of jobs that you would otherwise be selected for. So be prepared.

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